lightning review
Canon G15 Review: Fast Lens, Small Sensor — What Gives?

Canon's "G" line of cameras have always appealed to point-and-shooters looking for more of a pro experience. The new G15 has some great details — is it a £330 camera worth considering? Read More >>

Canon PowerShot S110: A Hot Touchscreen Is Exactly What Canon's Best Point-and-Shoot Needed

For years we've bee raving about Canon's S-series PowerShot cameras. They're fantastic, versatile pocket cameras. Well the PowerShot S110 is the upgrade to last year's pretty darn great S100—now it's got new capacitive touchscreen controls and Wi-Fi connectivity. Read More >>

Canon IXUS 510 HS: Now With Wi-Fi Inside

The new Canon IXUS 510 HS will be the first Canon camera with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities. That means you'll be able to wirelessly upload photos to the internet as well as to transfer media directly to mobile devices. Read More >>

lightning review
Canon Powershot S100 Lightning Review: One Hell of a Camera, One Hell of a Flaw

The Canon S100—like its S-series predecessors—is an almost perfect compact camera with some drawbacks stemming from its pocket-friendly size. There's a lot of crazy tech on board. The Canon gods have outdone themselves; but that outdoing might be the camera's undoing. Read More >>


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