"Automated System" Blamed for David Cameron Following a High Class Escort Agency on Twitter

The prime minister appeared to have accidentally added a high class escort agency to his list of followed people on Twitter, although his people suggest it was some sort of accident and should not be considered an official endorsement of "Elite London Escort Agency" Carltons. Read More >>

Nokia's Sarcastic Apple Tweet a Viral Smash With the Anti-iPhone Masses

A simple tweet by Nokia which read "Thanks, #Apple ;)" and suggested that the colour scheme of iPhone 5C was influenced by Nokia's bonkers colour palettes has gone Triple-A viral, with Twitter claiming it's been one of the most successful marketing tweets in history. Read More >>

James Blunt Spams "the Whole of the UK" With New Single Email

After years of offending our ears with his music, mystifyingly popular singer James Blunt has now managed to offend our eyes -- thanks to an email PR campaign that ended up spamming "millions" of people. Read More >>

Would FREE ALCOHOL Tempt You Into Bothering With NFC?

Black booze maker Guinness is having a go at encouraging people to use NFC in pubs, with a competition now live that lets drinkers win a free pint just for swiping a pub's beer tap with their mobile. Read More >>

Real-Life Superheroes Fly in (by Plane) to Promote Huawei's New Mobile Phone

These people are apparently called Phoenix Jones and Purple Reign. They are, if we believe what we are told, real-life superheroes, who try to inspire people by hanging about in their costumes and prevent crime by making everyone laugh at them instead. Read More >>

This is Apparently the Nokia Lumia 1020

Following on from the oodles of leaks and ahead of today's anticipated official launch, press shots of the rumoured Nokia Lumia 1020 have emerged. As you'd expect from a phone going big on camera performance, there's an enormous bulge around the back, plus it comes in trademark Garish Nokia Yellow, should you have the balls to try to pull that off. Read More >>

xbox one
Xbox One PR Blunder of the Day: MS Suggests Sticking With Xbox 360 if Your Internet's Crap

Microsoft's amazingly catastrophic Xbox One campaign has unloaded another bullet into the bloody stumps where its feet used to be, with Xbox team exec Don Mattrick suggesting people with no little or no internet access bypass Xbox One's 24-hour check-in requirement by... sticking with Xbox 360. Read More >>

HMV's Twitter Account Goes Rogue

Sounds like quite a lot of people are having a really crappy time over at HMV. However, management obviously didn't think about the corporate Twitter stream. Mass execution? Live twitter coverage of firings? Nasty stuff. Read More >>

RIM Gives Us a Master Class on How Not to Answer a Question

We're used to politicians talking a heck of a lot, but not actually saying anything of substance at all, and definitely not answering the damn question. But RIM's EU MD, Stephen Bates, has just put them all to shame. Here's how to stick to a pre-written PR script no matter what the hell happens. Or in other words, how not to do an interview. Just listen to this cringe-fest. Read More >>

Nationwide Sheep Mutilation Campaign Orchestrated by Alton Towers

The mystery of the "creepy sheep" with evil faces painted on their sides that was allegedly creating some sort of low-level mystery among social network users, has been solved. It was an Alton Towers PR stunt. Read More >>

London Street Goes 8-Bit for Marketing Stunt

Part of London's trendy Brick Lane was turned into an 8-bit paradise over the weekend, in a stunt designed to raise awareness of the home launch of one of your modern animated films. Read More >>

Meet Nestle's Squadron of Internet Comment Warriors

Every company has to deal with people who talk about it on the Internet, and different ones handle it differently. Nestle for instance, maintains an elite team of Digital Accelerators that, as an article by Reuters reveals, watches the wide world of Internet comments like a hawk. Read More >>

tech support
Pitches From the Ditches: Life, the Universe, and Public Relations

Over the last couple weeks there has been a torrent of postcards into the Giz office, many featuring naked men and one made from sewn-together mice heads; all from people pleading for an explanation of what tech PR actually is. I will attempt to address this in the way I know the Giz readership prefers, by using an overly-metaphorical style coupled with long rambling prose. Read More >>

Pitches From the Ditches: The Working Lunch

There are things that a young PR person must do in order to remain viable. One of these is go to lunch with journalists. This is called all kinds of awful things in the agency world: ‘strategic relationship building’; ‘influencer outreach’; a ‘media relations campaign’. However, in reality, it means that in the nano-second that you call a journalist with a story, if you have shoved a cake in their face at some point, they might remember you and listen to your story. Read More >>

Pitches From the Ditches: Brainstormin'

Thursday afternoons at The Agency is brainstorming time.  This is a hallowed time where representatives from across the company share a sweaty box with the hope of squeezing out some ideas that will generate some kind of publicity.  A rich cross section of Agency society attends -- there must be at least six different types of middle class -- and teams are led into battle by their divisional heads. Read More >>

Pitches From the Ditches: The Exclusive

Somewhere in the dark there is a horrific high-pitched noise causing disruptive peaks in the baseline stasis. It’s awful. This noise source must be destroyed. Read More >>


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