A Pressure Washer Is Your Beastly-Powered-Water-Pistol-In-the-Making Deal of the Day

Now that the hosepipe ban is over and that summer has finally pitched up, there's no better time to be powerfully and liberally propelling vast quantities of H2O all over the place, is there? Read More >>

Ethical Graffiti: Pressure-Washing Moss to Make Art

Most street artists add to the urban environment to make a statement. But Stefaan de Croock takes away instead: he uses a pressure washer to carve graffiti into the natural dirt and growth that cover our cityscapes, and the results are quite amazing. Read More >>

A Bunch of Great, Cheap Flight Sims Are Your "I'll Be a Real Pilot Some Day" Deal of the Day

You know, gaming doesn’t have to be about brightly-coloured cartoon characters tumbling around your screen to the accompaniment of some intensely annoying musical tunes. Nor should it just be about running around committing pretend murders. Read More >>


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