Apple Rumoured to be Asking US Networks for $100 iPhone 6 Price Hike

Today's unsubstantiated iPhone 6 rumour concerns the price of the forthcoming phone, with Apple said to be aware it has the networks over a barrel and hitting them up for a price increase of $100 (£60) per phone. What are they going to do? Not stock the iPhone? Read More >>

The Simpsons Lego House Goes on the Market for £179

If you have a spoilt child, a Lego-packed man-cave, or fancy making an investment for the future, that amazing The Simpsons Lego house is now on sale in the UK. You may need to take out a small mortgage on the plastic brick house to pay for it, though, as the Lego shop has priced it at £179. A small price to pay for a Ned Flanders minifig. [Lego] Read More >>

Apple's Bin-Shaped Mac Pro Could Land in Time For Christmas

Apple's sleek new 9.9-inch tall computer/waste-paper bin, 2013's Mac Pro, stole the show at this years WWDC back in June, but we were warned the wait for its release could be a lengthy one. So we waited. And waited. And while we're STILL waiting for an official release date from Apple, a German retailer may have got the jump on Apple's next big announcement. Read More >>

Memory Chips Are the Most Expensive They've Been in Two Years

Manufacturers and consumers alike better brace themselves: memory chip prices have hit a two-year high because of a major fire in a massive Chinese production plant. Read More >>

Sony Said to be Aiming at £299 Price Point for PS4

Building Sony's next-gen home console out of PC components looks like it'll have a significant effect of the machine's retail price, with reports claiming it'll arrive with a tag of less than £300. Much better than PS3's disastrous £425. Read More >>

13 People Who Think the iPad Mini Is Actually Really Cheap

Though we think the iPad Mini seems crazy expensive compared to the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD, some people out there actually think the iPad Mini is cheap! Related: I need more rich friends. Read More >>

This Is the World's Most Expensive Camera

You're looking at a prototype Leica 35mm film camera, known as the 0-series. It was one of just 25 produced in 1923 for testing, and only 12 of them are known to have survived to this day. That's why it's just set a record, becoming the world's most expensive camera. Read More >>

Virgin Media Bumps Up Broadband Prices After Free Speed Boost Promise

Only a couple of months after Virgin promised to double customer broadband speed for free, it looks like you’re going to have to pay for it, in a round about way anyway. Read More >>

Price Hike for Galaxy Note in UK -- Say It Ain't So, Samsung?

Why Samsung? Why are you screwing us Brits? I was almost semi-interested in your massive smartphone-come-tablet, but £670? I could buy a full-sized tablet and a smartphone for that. Read More >>


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