Prince Harry: Gaming's the Answer to Being an Awesome Apache Gunner

Who said gaming's a complete waste of time and doesn't furnish you with any valuable life-skills? Not Prince Harry, that's for sure. He puts his prowess as an Apache gunner down to his quality time spent playing his Xbox. Yep, shooting the hell out of people Call of Duty helps Harry, errr, shoot the hell out of people in his chopper. Read More >>

Prince Harry Getting Snapped In the Buff Shows Celebrities Never Learn

Oh deary me. It seems Prince Harry's been enjoying himself just a little too much. So much so, he's been caught on camera in a couple of rather compromising situations. Yet another set of nudy pics surfaces, showing us that where there's a smartphone there's a naked celebrity ready to get snapped. Read More >>

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Prince Harry, Wearing an Angry Birds Hat

Crying out for a caption, I would say. [NY Mag] Read More >>

Prince Harry Qualifies to Use Enormous Chopper

The roguish Ginger Prince has upped his level of qualifications, managing to secure a full license to fly the UK Army's Apache helicopters in combat. Read More >>


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