Prince William's "Free Pass" to Study at Cambridge Despite Mediocre Grades is an "Insult"

Prince William's off to study agricultural management at Cambridge. No big deal -- we want our royals smart, right? Except William didn't get the grades everyone else would need to study there. Read More >>

BBC Apologises for Screening Blasphemous Defacing of Future King

The BBC has been forced to apologise for offending a handful of royalists, after a photograph of the Duke of Cambridge was tampered with by sick so-called comedians who drew a crude image of a penis onto his royal head and got BBC's Breakfast show to broadcast it. Read More >>

England Bravely Defended Royal Marriage Against Global Internet Raid

Hackers, do you consider nothing sacred? Sack the CIA, beat up credit card companies, fine. But how could you spoil the wedding day of two awesomely-rich, good-looking people? They're royalty! But their big day was almost hijacked. Read More >>


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