Anybody With a Printer Can Make These Origami-Inspired Robots

We were promised robots. The future, science fiction told us, would be a world swarming with automatons that did all the jobs we didn't want. But you know what? Robots are really expensive and hard to build. Two MIT scientists want to change all that with inkjet printers and techniques borrowed from origami. Read More >>

Pocket-Sized Wonder-Printer Would Work its Own Way Across a Page

With what has to be one of the most ambitious Kickstarter projects to come along in a while, the folks behind this Mini Mobile Robotic Printer want to revolutionise the mobile office. Because of instead of carrying a page-wide device that has to pull paper through it, this little marvel will instead print directly on a piece of paper while it rolls around on top of it. Read More >>

How Apple Became the Choice of Creatives Everywhere, 30 Years Ago

These days we take design on computers for granted, but 30 years ago we were still surrounded by low-res screens, clunky interfaces and command prompts. Way back then, though, was when Apple stole the lead and became the choice of creatives everywhere. Read More >>

This LED Printer Creates Fleeting Messages on Photosensitive Paper

Liat Segal's Confession Machine printer isn't designed for running copies of health and safety reports at work, unless you're really making an effort to realise a truly paperless office. Because instead of ink or toner, Segal's creation uses an array of 16 ultraviolet LEDs to 'print' messages on a static surface covered with a photosensitive paint that turns bright blue as the printhead passes over—but only momentarily. Read More >>

This Tiny Printer Only Prints What You Select On Your Screen

Do you feel guilty printing out an entire email when all you really needed was someone's address? King Jim's new compact Cocodori printer is designed for just those occasions. Using an included piece of software, it lets you highlight only specific areas of your screen for printing. And what you're left with is a receipt-sized note with an adhesive backing that you can even use as a sticky note. Read More >>

Fujifilm's Instax Printer Turns Phone Snaps Into Instant Film Photos

These days, everything is instant photography, but no matter how many filters you smear onto that smartphone picture, it's never going to have the wonderful feel of the photos a Polaroid used to spit out. But now you can approximate that level of satisfaction thanks to Fujifilm's new Instax Share SP-1 printer. Read More >>

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Manchester Cops Seize 3D Printed Gun in Mass Organised Crime Bust

A possibly dangerous Liberator 3D printed gun has been found by police as part of a larger drugs bust around the country, with Manchester cops finding components that could make a "viable gun" in a house in Baguley.  Read More >>

A Free App Can Save Your iPhone 5C From Looking Hideous In Its Case

If you snatched up the colourful iPhone 5C and its perforated case before you realised what an eyesore it is, there's now a cheap and simple solution to the problem. The developers at LunarLincoln have just released a free app called CaseCollage that lets you create and print an insert that fills all those cheese grater holes with whatever images or graphics you want. Read More >>

This Kiosk Prints Magazines and Newspapers As They're Purchased

The kiosk has access to a remote server where publishers upload the latest editions of their periodicals, and using a touchscreen interface customers can browse more than 200 different magazines, newspapers, or journals. When they come across an issue they want to buy, a simple credit card transaction results in a high quality, freshly printed copy courtesy of a high speed Ricoh printer on the inside. The first machine has officially been installed in Stockholm, Sweden. Read More >>

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3D Printed Skateboard Looks Amazing, But Wouldn't Last a Loop of Your Supermarket Car Park

That amazing thing up there is a 3D printed skateboard, put together using a design from renowned 3D product creator and builder Sam Abbot. Read More >>

Printing With the Tap of an NFC Smartphone

We feel ya -- printers either gobble so much ink you wonder when your loins popped out another mouth to feed, or they just plain don't work, with their numerous error codes and flashing lights. We're not saying NFC will solve all your problems (it certainly can't rub your feet), but in this case, tapping your NFC-enabled smartphone on Samsung's Xpress C410 printer will help cut down on your printer-related woes. Read More >>

If You Thought an Ink Printer Could Never Amaze You Again, You're Wrong

It's hard to get excited about a printer these days, while Canon's new Océ ColorWave 900 is priced and targeted at high end print shops, it's still absolutely remarkable to see the thing in action. Capable of printing more than 12,000 square feet per hour, the 900 can create 3.4 billion drops of ink every second. To put that in perspective, the printer is capable of creating a printout as tall as the Freedom Tower in New York in about half an hour. Read More >>

Some Photocopiers are Going Rogue and Changing Numbers for Fun

Paper jams are the most basic weapon in copier vs. human warfare, but a few models of Xerox copiers are stepping up their game. They've been very stealthily going rogue and secretly changing a few key details of the docs they've been working on. Read More >>

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Dropping Stuff Off of a Building Is Exactly What Slow Motion Is For

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a thing falling off a building is in want of slow motion. And if you needed any proof, here's a big ol' heap. Read More >>

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Someone Finally Invented 3D-Printed Inkjet Printer Cartridges

At some point, the world of 3D printing had to fold back onto itself, leaving us all slack-jawed and wondering when 3D printers will start printing things for printers themselves? That moment is now. Read More >>

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Europe Gone Mad: Printer Companies Will Be Forced to Pay Copyright Holders Because of Possible Piracy

I'm not normally one for hyperbole when it comes to Europe, but this is just plain insane. The European Court of Justice has just ruled that printer companies will have to pay levies to copyright holders because you, the user, could print out something copyrighted without permission. What the actual hell? Read More >>


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