Del Boy Gets it on With Bridget Jones via Plonker Book Printing Error

Those after more whimsical fluff about pants and kissing from the new Bridget Jones novel may find it unexpectedly lunging back to the 1980s, thanks to a publishing error sticking pages from Only Fools and Horses star Sir David Jason's autobiography into the latest Jones novel. Read More >>

This Kiosk Prints Magazines and Newspapers As They're Purchased

The kiosk has access to a remote server where publishers upload the latest editions of their periodicals, and using a touchscreen interface customers can browse more than 200 different magazines, newspapers, or journals. When they come across an issue they want to buy, a simple credit card transaction results in a high quality, freshly printed copy courtesy of a high speed Ricoh printer on the inside. The first machine has officially been installed in Stockholm, Sweden. Read More >>

Some Photocopiers are Going Rogue and Changing Numbers for Fun

Paper jams are the most basic weapon in copier vs. human warfare, but a few models of Xerox copiers are stepping up their game. They've been very stealthily going rogue and secretly changing a few key details of the docs they've been working on. Read More >>

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Europe Gone Mad: Printer Companies Will Be Forced to Pay Copyright Holders Because of Possible Piracy

I'm not normally one for hyperbole when it comes to Europe, but this is just plain insane. The European Court of Justice has just ruled that printer companies will have to pay levies to copyright holders because you, the user, could print out something copyrighted without permission. What the actual hell? Read More >>

3d printing
3D Printed Headphones You Can Build From the Ground Up

It may not be as easy as print, plug, and play, but designer J.C. Karich is proving that you can make a pair of working headphones with nothing but raw materials, a 3D printer, open source designs, and a little gumption. Read More >>

The Image Toaster Brings Google Images to Your Breakfast

We live in the future, so chances are you've got all manner of gadgets flashing and beeping at you to remind you what's happening on any given day. But your toast isn't in on all that fun. And why shouldn't it be? If you had something like the Image Toaster, it could be. And maybe someday you will. Read More >>

An Idiot Counterfeiter Returned His Printer with a Whole Sheet of Fake Notes Inside

It's one of the oldest tricks in the book; if you can't earn money, why not make it? With your printer. Now that doesn't actually work. Making counterfeit notes is really hard. But that won't keep idiots from trying it, apparently. A man took it a step further though, by trying to return his copier/printer with failed copies still inside. Read More >>

Carve Out a Place For Your Nostalgia with Custom-Made Wooden Photos

Nowadays, we take most of our photos digitally and they stay digital. Photo paper and bulky albums are dead. So if you are compelled to print you photos for some reason, you might as well try to make it interesting, like printing them as tactile wood relief with the Photocarver. Read More >>

This Is What the First Lunar Base Could Really Look Like

We have seen many concepts, but this is the most realistic plan yet for humanity's first Moon Base. It will be more efficient and cheaper to build than any other alternative, as it uses 3D printing to quickly transform raw lunar soil into habitable domes. Read More >>

This Lamp Is Made From a Single Sheet of Cardboard

Instructables user Jesse Harrington Au has designed this amazing lamp which is made from just a single sheet of cardboard and an inexpensive ribbon of LED lights.  And the best bit is, you can make one too. Read More >>

Turn Your Instagram Stream Into a Calendar and Relive a Year's Worth Of Meals

Remember that amazing lemon shrimp scampi pasta you had eight months ago? No? Well if you're like most people and use Instagram to document your daily dining, you can order a 365 day calendar from Prinstagram and relive every meal you had over the past year. Read More >>

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Why Are Blueprints Blue?

If you ever wondered why blueprints were blue and not black or red or white or brown or any other colour than, well, blue -- it's not because architects really like the color but because the technique in making blueprints caused the paper to turn blue. Read More >>

Is It Right to Charge Money to Print Your Own Tickets at Home?

While some people are perfectly happy to pay £400 to watch a handful pensioners playing songs from the 1960s, there's one ticketing scam that still seems particularly mean -- charging us "delivery fees" even when we're printing out emailed digital copies of tickets. Read More >>

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Watch This: Time Lapse Video of an Incredibly Detailed 3D-Printed Yoda

Printing this bust at .1mm layer height gives Yoda a significant increase in detail, as compared to the .2mm layer heigh model shown in a side-by-side comparison in the time-lapse video above. Read More >>

We Built This City on Movable Type

Rock and roll unfortunately does not lend well to proper building code, what with all the shaking, rattling and so on. Instead, Type City (2012) by artist Hong Seon Jang constructs a miniature city-scape from blocks of movable type. [David B Smith Gallery via quipsologies via Collossal] Read More >>

Who Needs IKEA? Just Print Your Own Entire House

Taking just four weeks, a computer, a CNC printer and a whole lot of plywood, Danish architects from architecture firm Eentileen, Frederik Agdrup and Nicholas Bjorndal, built this awesome house with their bare hands, a lot of imagination and some impressive design skills. Read More >>


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