This Inkjet Prints Self-Folding Origami

It unfortunately can't be used to print off 100 paper pterodactyls, but production design student Christophe Guberan has modded an inkjet printer so that the prints fold themselves into unique geometric shapes and patterns as they dry. Read More >>

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A Gorgeous Look at How Books Are Made

Sure, high speed printers can spew out the WSJ's full daily circulation in five hours but where's the soul in that? Where's the craftsmanship? To see the magic of traditional book-making in action, check out Birth of a Book. Read More >>

Laser Pulses Can Erase a Printed Page

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have developed a new way to recycle printed documents by simply vapourising the toner off the page using laser pulses. The process can erase an entire page leaving the paper ready to be printed on again. Read More >>

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Watch the Fastest 3D Printer In the World Creating the Tiniest 3D F1 Car You Can Imagine

This is London Tower Bridge, St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna, and the tiniest F1 formula car you can imagine, all printed by the fastest 3D printer in the world. Watch it in action in this video. Read More >>

Printed Tyres Are The Next Generation Of White Walls

Appealing to that small demographic who don't know the line between tasteful and tacky, Bridgestone has developed a new printing technology that lets drivers add custom artwork and patterns to the sides of their tires. Read More >>

You Can Print Your Own OLED Display Now

We're already pretty much in love with OLED displays, but besides stunning picture quality and low power consumption, when they were first introduced it was promised that one day OLED panels could be actually printed. And that day has finally come. Read More >>

Want a Ticket to the Olympics? That'll Be £6 Postage Please -- From America

The London Olympics were supposed to provide UK firms with work — the British taxpayer has to foot the ginormous bill for these dubiously profitable games somehow, after all.Now it turns out that something seemingly as simple as printing tickets for the events has been outsourced to the US, and it’s going to cost you £6 in postage for the privilege. What. The. Hell Read More >>

Airport Kiosk Prints Custom Welcome Home Banners

Portable devices might have replaced paper tickets, but holding up your smartphone to welcome home a loved one just doesn't have the same emotional impact as a large banner that can now be printed on demand at Amsterdam's Schipol Airport. Read More >>


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