What It's Like to Eat Lunch in a Prison, Served by Inmates

We walked towards the restaurant in the spring sunshine with Brixton Windmill in the background, but even that couldn't disguise the sky-high walls topped with tangles of razor wire. Read More >>

How Biotech Could Make Life in Prison a Living Hell

At the University of Oxford, a team of scholars led by the philosopher Rebecca Roache has begun thinking about the ways futuristic technologies might transform punishment. In January, I spoke with Roache and her colleagues Anders Sandberg and Hannah Maslen about emotional enhancement, 'supercrimes', and the ethics of eternal damnation. What follows is a condensed and edited transcript of our conversation. Read More >>

The Sony SRF-39FP: The Audio Player of Choice in Prison

It might not look much, but the Sony SRF-39FP pocket AM/FM radio is regarded as the audio player of choice in prisons across the United States. Read More >>

Architect Sentenced to Year in Jail for Firefighter's Death

There have been plenty of civil cases against architects over the years, for all manner of negligence. But, today, an extremely rare criminal case was decided: An architect was sentenced to a year in prison after pleading no contest to the manslaughter of a Los Angeles firefighter who died while trying to contain a fire in a home the architect had designed for himself and his girlfriend. Read More >>

Man Breaks Out of Prison to Go to Dentist Appointment

Using a 'dental appointment' to miss work is a time-honoured tradition; but escaping jail just so a strange man can poke your mouth with sharp instruments is something really quite special. Read More >>

Government Moves to Ban Phones Designed to Fit Up Prisoner Butts

The phones in question (and in butts) are typically made in China and designed to resemble the key fobs of luxury car brands like Bentley, Porsche, BMW, and, uh, Volkswagen. They're going on eBay for about 40 British pounds, marketed as the world's smallest mobile. But that's mostly bullshit. The phones are reportedly being marketed to prisoners, and the people who supply them. The authorities have caught on, though, and have moved onto new ways to get the phones out of the prisoners'... hands. Here's what a spokesperson told BBC: Read More >>

Tiny Key Fob Mobiles Popular With Criminals Due to Easy... Insertion

A new wave of cheap and ultra-mini mobile phones are apparently among the must-have gadgets in our prisons, as the mostly-plastic devices don't show up on x-rays and are easy to hide about your... person. Read More >>

A 'Glitch' Made All the Doors in a Maximum Security Prison Open at Once

A Florida prison says that a computer 'glitch' is to blame after all of the doors in the maximum security wing opened without warning. Wired has news for them though. Sometimes, these kinds of glitches are caused by sneaky characters called hackers, and this situation looks pretty suspect.
The incident happened back in June at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami, but newly released surveillance footage is sparking some skepticism that it was a random act of code. As the video shows, the inmates are all safely locked in their cells one minute, and the next the doors fly open. One inmate jumps straight out as if had been anticipating release, walks down to meet a fellow inmate who reportedly gave him a shank and just a few seconds later, he can be seen trying to stab yet another inmate (who incidentally straight up jumped off the balcony, suffering a broken ankle and fractured vertebrae). We're left wondering if this wasn't the plan all along. Read More >>

Pirate Bay Co-Founder Gets Two Year Prison Term For Bank Hack Job

Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, one of the co-founders of the Pirate Bay who's currently in jail anyway for his part in setting up the piracy network, has been sentenced again. This time getting two years for hacking into the computers of a local bank and IT support company. Read More >>

A Prison Cell Designed by the Inmates Who Live in Them

If necessity is the mother of invention, prison cells must be veritable hotbeds of creativity — and not just for making wine in toilets or tattoo guns from Bic pens and guitar strings. According to three Italian designers who've been holding design workshops with prisoners since 2003, the incarcerated are brilliant lifehacks. And we can learn from them. Read More >>

Jailed Cyber Criminal Joins Prison's Computer Class, Hacks Its Network

When one of Britain's biggest cyber criminals was jailed in 2011, officials thought they'd be safe from his internet attacks. But then he managed to sneak into a prison computer class and hack the jail's network. Read More >>

What It's Like to Experience New Technology After 25 Years in Jail

When I went to prison, in 1987, Motorola manufactured the large, gray cellphone that I used. People referred to it as "the brick." It had the capacity to send or receive phone calls, but there wasn't any text messaging back then. Read More >>

Mobile Phone Prison Keeps Distracting Apps on Lockdown

A plastic prison for cellphones might only seem useful for parents who want to make sure their kids are doing homework instead of texting friends. But just think how much work you could get done without easy access to Twitter, Facebook, and Words With Friends. This novelty item could vastly improve the nation's productivity. Read More >>

Gordon Ramsay Sparks Potato Peeler-Panic In Brixton Prison

Gordon Ramsay recently caused a serious spud-related security scare over at Brixton Prison where he’s teaching inmates how to cook for a new show. His production team set off a prison wide search after it appeared a potato peeler was missing and potentially in the lethal hands of those at her Majesty’s pleasure. Read More >>

The Pirate Bay's Founders Are Going to Nice Prison

Not just any prison — Swedish prison. After fighting copyright infringement charges for years, the three gents behind the world's most notorious torrent site are headed to the slammer. Luckily, TPB lives, and Swedish prison is great! Read More >>

South Korea Rolls-Out Robotic Prison Guards

Boffins from the Asian Forum for Corrections have partnered with South Korea's Ministry of Knowledge Economy and Justice Ministry to put robots on patrol. The 1.5-metre tall robots will take the night shift keeping prisoners in-check. Read More >>


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