Sweden Is Closing Prisons Due to Lack of People to Put In Them

As the prison population spirals out of control over yonder in the USA, Sweden finds itself with an interesting and opposite predicament: it has too many prisons and not enough prisoners. For this reason, the Scandinavian country recently decided to shutter four prisons and a remand centre. Read More >>

Planned Prison Smoking Ban May Cause Mass Riots

Concerns over staff suing the prison service due to the effects of passive smoking may lead to a full ban on smoking in English and Welsh prisons from 2015, with a pilot ban set to start in early 2014. Read More >>

Should Architects Boycott Building "Supermax" Prisons?

There’s no question that solitary confinement—the nebulous, undefined, and largely undocumented practice that Amnesty International, the NYCLU, and the UN call torture—can cause horrific psychological damage to prisoners. But are the architects who build these structures responsible for them? Read More >>

Yorkshire Prison Nationalised After G4S Fails to Win Contract

Bumbling security firm G4S has failed to get its contract to run the Wolds prison in East Yorkshire renewed, with the Ministry of Justice deciding it's best to bring it back to public ownership rather than keep it in private hands. Read More >>


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