Intel: Windows 8 on ARM Is an Uphill Fight

Windows 8 is stirring up a fair deal of controversy for Microsoft. Now, Intel has come out as saying that it thinks that running the new OS on ARM hardware is going to prove difficult. Read More >>

Intel's Ivy Bridge: The Maximum PC Review

You are, no doubt, quite familiar with Intel's CPU-release "cadence" of tick-tock by now. If not, the short story is that every tock brings a major breakthrough, while ticks are decent upgrades but nothing to Twitter home about. hat's not necessarily the case with Intel's latest tick, the Ivy Bridge CPU. Sure, the performance enhancements on the x86 side of the aisle won't exactly knock you on your tuchus, but they're still decent. The upgrades to the graphics core, however, make Ivy Bridge more noteworthy. Read More >>

Qualcomm Warns of International Snapdragon Chip Shortage

Chip maker Qualcomm has announced that it can't meet demand for some of its mobile phone processors — which means that Android and Windows-based phone manufacturers will have to seek an alternative in the coming months. Read More >>

Teardown Reveals the Apple TV's New Guts

Though it's not Apple's most exciting announcement of recent time, the Apple TV received a big a boost in specs last week. Now a teardown by a forum member at shows exactly what's changed. Read More >>

IBM’s Holey Optochip Pumps 1 Trillion Bits Per Second

IBM Researchers have built an optical chip that can transfer more data per second than pretty much anything else on the planet. Read More >>

Inside Apple's A5X Chipset: Dual-Core CPU, Quad-Core GPU

With the announcement of the iPad 3, came the announcement of a new processor: the A5x chipset with (presumably) a dual-core CPU and quad-core GPU. The A5x is more powerful to be sure, but should we think of it as a next-generation chip, or merely a spec bump? Read More >>

Intel Confirms That Ivy Bridge Is Definitely Delayed

There have been suggestions floating around that Intel's new Ivy Bridge processors would arrive later than anticipated on the market. Now, those rumours have been confirmed as true by a senior Intel employee, so we won't see the processors in April as previously expected. Read More >>

The Single-Atom Transistor That Could Break Moore's Law

In the ongoing quest to push processor performance, the key is being able to effectively shrink their component parts. A new transistor, based on a single atom, may go further than helping speed things up: it could shatter Moore's Law. Read More >>

Intel Launching New Atom-Based Processors With Digital Wi-Fi

If you thought Intel's Atom processor line was dead, think again: the company is launching a new version of the silicon, code named Rosepoint. Don't be too quick to dismiss it, either, because it sounds like the new mobile processor could mean business. Read More >>

Alleged iPad 3 Development Photos Confirm Key Details

BGR is claiming that one of its sources has access to an iPad 3 prototype which, at this stage of development, it may be true. According to them, these debug screenshots confirm some of the speculation about the next Apple tablet: Read More >>


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