Intel Outs 64-bit Mobile Processor and Graphs to Prove its Power

If we believe the evidence provided by Intel's own in-house benchmarking, the chip-maker's forthcoming dual-core Merrifield Atom series is going to be the one to have inside your glossy rectangle in Q3 of 2014 -- managing to outperform Apple's A7 64-bit brain. Read More >>

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Qualcomm's Snapdragon 801 is Q2's Must-Have Mobile Chipset

The Snapdragon 800's had a good run, powering some (bordering on all) of the Android flagship models for the last year. Now there's an upgrade. Larger camera sensor support, Ultra HD video capture and a headline maximum clockspeed increase to 2.45GHz are the next-phone boasts of the Snapdragon 801. Read More >>

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Bloomberg: Google is Thinking About Making Chips

Bloomberg is reporting that Google is mulling the idea of designing its own server processors, using technology from ARM. Read More >>

The Blistering New Snapdragon 805 is Going to 4K all of the Things

The zippy Snapdragon 800 pushes pixels beautifully on gadgets like the Nexus 5 and the Kindle Fire HDX, but now there's a new kid on the block. Qualcomm just announced its Snapdragon 805 complete with 4K powers, and it's coming to devices starting next year. Read More >>

AMD Beema and Mullins: More Horsepower, Less Juice, but Is it Enough?

Since Intel ramped up its chipsets with integrated graphics a few years ago, AMD has been losing a lot of ground on laptops and tablets—in the public mind, at least. The company just announced the rest of its product roadmap for next year. It features some significant power, and significantly, efficiency improvements—but will it be enough? Read More >>

Intel Broadwell Chips Delayed Until Early 2014

Intel's Broadwell chips, in terms of raw performance and power efficiency, are one of the few computing component upgrades genuinely worth getting excited about at the moment. Potentially eking a good few more hours out of a laptop battery at the same performance levels as Haswell chips (or even better), your charger might have to get on the dole queue. However, a production difficulty is pushing the chip's launch back a few months to early 2014. Read More >>

Qualcomm Is Developing Mobile Processors That Learn Like Human Brains

Qualcomm is developing a new line of Zeroth processors designed to help devices think and sense just like human brains and bodies. Read More >>

Samsung: Our Next-Gen Phones WIll Have 64-Bit Processors, Too

Not be outdone by Apple, Samsung has swiftly reacted to the announcement of Cook & Co.'s new 64-bit A7 processor by announcing that its next slew of phones will pack similar silicon, thankyouverymuch. Read More >>

Intel Announces a Tiny New Processor for Our Mobile Future

Reports of Moore's Law's demise have been greatly exaggerated. In its opening Developers Forum keynote presentation at San Francisco's Moscone West Center today, Intel unveiled its newest class of minuscule Quark processors. And at 14nm, the Quark could well make most any device smarter. Read More >>

Report: The iPhone 5S Processor Is 31 Per Cent Faster Than Today's

Let's start by saying that this isn't much to go on; if it were more concrete it would be more than just a tweet. But Fox newsperson Clayton Morris — who's had some success with Apple rumours in the past — has claimed knowledge that the A7 chip that will power the iPhone 5S is 31 per cent faster than its A6 predecessor. Read More >>

Scientists Just Figured Out How to Make Lightning-Fast Graphene CPUs

Graphene has the power to change computing forever by making the fastest transistors ever. In theory. We just haven't figured out how yet. Sound familiar? Fortunately, scientists have just taken a big step closer to making graphene transistors work for real. Read More >>

IBM Is Creating an Entire Computing Architecture Based on the Brain

The brain's an incredibly rich and complex computational core that we don't really fully understand—but that isn't stopping IBM building a new form of computing architecture around what's happening inside our heads. Read More >>

Here's the First 5.0 GHz CPU You Can Actually Buy

AMD just one-upped its own series of eight-core FX processors, and the golden child of this newest lineup is unquestionably the FX-9590, which it claims is the world's "first-ever 5 GHz processor." While technically that record was already beat—and by AMD themselves, no less—it is, in fact, the first commercially available 5GHz CPU processor. Read More >>

Intel Haswell Review: Can a Laptop CPU Keep Enthusiasts Happy?

Faster hardware shouldn't be this somber. Yet we can't help but furrow our brow in concern over Intel's fourth-generation Core i7 CPU, Haswell. Yes, in typical Intel fashion, it's a tour de force of technical achievement and features that's the envy of the free world. It's also, by the way, quite fast. Read More >>

These Brand New AMD Processors Could Be Your Next Laptop's Brain

Intel's new 4th-gen chips may be on the horizon, but AMD is taking the opportunity to strike first and get out their with its new family of third-generation A-series processors ahead of time. Enter the "Temash," "Kabini," and "Richland," processors that will make themselves at home in upcoming tablets, midrange notebooks, and powerhouse ultrathins soon. Read More >>


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