The Incredible, Fiery Process of Making Copper Wire

Wires are some of the most basic components of the modern world, which practically guarantees that most of us take them for granted. But as English Russia so kindly shows us, the process behind our messy heaps of wiring is anything but ordinary. Read More >>

Beatstep is a MIDI Controller and Step Sequencer in One Tiny Package

Inexpensive, portable hardware for electronic music usually comes short on the features. A beginner 25-key MIDI keyboard, for example, isn't going to get you very far towards making big music, even if it does fit in your backpack. Arturia's new Beatstep is remarkable because manages to put both a software controller and sequencer in one portable package. Read More >>

Looks Like Microsoft's Having Issues Producing Xbox Ones

Just like Sony and its halting of pre-orders, it looks like Microsoft is having problems spitting out enough Xbox Ones for its debut. It's significantly scaled back its launch plans, forcing a whole load of people to have to wait until 2014 to see the next-gen machine. Read More >>

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Where the Most Important Part of Your Battery Comes From

Lithium (Greek for "stone") is the third element on the periodic table, a silvery-white alkali metal that's soft enough to be cut with a table knife. It's also the lightest metal on Earth, as well as the least-dense solid element. It has the equivalent density of a plank of pine wood, and half that of water. It floats in oil (and water too, though that'd end very badly since, you know, alkali go boom), and since it's reactive with moisture in the air, pure lithium is typically stored in anaerobic conditions and covered in either mineral oil, petroleum jelly, or some other such non-reactive liquid. Read More >>

Here's the New iPhone 5S on the Production Line, Apparently

It seems Apple's leaking like a sieve right now, or at least its Chinese manufacturers are. After photos of the back of the thing, its lozenge-shaped flash, and even a prototype made their way onto the internet, here's a supposed spy shot of iPhone 5S parts flying down the assembly line. Read More >>

LG Denies Nexus 4 Shortages Are Its Fault and Says No Nexus 5 Incoming

After Google basically threw LG under a bus, telling the world+dog that all the Nexus 4 shortages and issues were LG's fault, the Korean manufacturer has finally responded. Apparently it's nothing to do with LG, because it's been pumping them out just fine, and still is. Thanks Google. Read More >>

Do Google and LG Have a Nexus 4 Sequel On the Way Already?

Here's a curious one. If rumours are to be believed, LG's actually stopped producing Nexus 4s, and has turned manufacturing efforts to its incoming next-generation phones instead. Does Google have another Nexus right around the corner? Or has LG simply had enough of flogging hardware for next to nothing? Read More >>

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Raspberry Pi to Hit the UK By the End of February

Looks like we’ll be seeing that awesome £23ish flash-drive sized computer before the end of the month. After facing a few manufacturing issues over in China, the first batch of Raspberry Pis will hop off the production line on the 20th of February and be airfreighted immediately to the UK. Read More >>

Today's Greatest Rap Producer Uses a Compaq Laptop and a Magazine Mousepad

Above, if you can see through all the weed smoke, you get a scene that's something like the aftermath of a bad LAN party—clutter, shitty laptops, and monitors everywhere. But music's being made in this budget-tech dungeon. Read More >>

Making Meat Should be a "Factory Process"

The slightly queasy quote above comes from Professor Mark Post of the department of vascular physiology at Maastricht University, which has been given £300,000 to help find a better way of making meat in a lab. Read More >>


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