iWork Coming For Free With "All New iOS Devices"

Timmy Cook has just announced that iWork will come free with all new iOS devices, which is both surprising and fairly welcome. Guess Apple's taking advantage of the lack of Office domination on mobile. Read More >>

Parallels Access: Remotely Access Your Computer From Your iPad--For Real

Parallels Access turns your iPad into a porthole to your more powerful (and heavier) Windows or Mac computers somewhere else. Connecting the computers is the easy part. The real magic is how Parallels Access shrinks your desktop applications into manageable tablet apps. Read More >>

How to Be More Productive, Using Science

Ugh, there's always so much to get done and all we really wanna do is watch YouTube and drink beer. Fear not! This video explains how you can use science to get more productive so you can get your work done quickly. Read More >>

How to Survive On as Little Sleep Possible

Confession: I am both an insomniac and a procrastinator. I don't fall asleep and I wait until the last possible moment to get something done. So I've pulled more all-nighters than anyone I know. Is this smart? No. Is this healthy? No. Has it taken years off of my life? Probably. Read More >>

15 Ways to Make Yourself a Better PC User

There's nothing more soul-sucking than sitting there picking your earwax while you watch Windows 7′s blue ring of fire. Yet, to be fair, your poor laptop spends a lot more time waiting for you to act than you waste watching it load applications, boot up or finish processing. Read More >>

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What Microsoft Thinks the Future Will Look Like

Two things. One, we're going to need a lot of hand sanitizer if Microsoft is right about the all-touch-everything future. Two, I'm surprised how much I like Microsoft's vision—it's futuristic, natural and metro-y. Read More >>


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