Google Now Offers Free DDoS Protection

Google's waving its pro-internet freedom flag again, launching a suite of anti-hacker software intended to help human rights and elections-related websites in vulnerable regions. It's a nice thought, even if there's a catch. Read More >>

This is What Nvidia's Project Shield Android Console Will Be Capable Of

The beastly portable Android console Nvidia's pumping out, Project Shield, has the potential to really shake up the gaming market, even with the Xbox One and PS4 on the horizon. Like a souped-up screen-equipped Ouya, it'll be powered by the brand new Tegra 4 chip. Wow this thing is going to be powerful. Read More >>

Seven Almost-Worthy Xbox Alternatives

Last night, Microsoft unleashed, with no fanfare and minimal ado, the Xbox One. From the looks of things, it's shaping up to be a titan of the living room, but maybe with a little less focus on games than some had hoped. Handily, we live in one of those capitalist societies famed for competition, so there's a slack handful of competitors waiting in the wings. Read More >>

Will You Buy Nvidia's Awesome-Looking Shield Portable Android Console?

We've got Ouya for the home, but what about serious gaming on the go? Nvidia wants to beat Sony and Nintendo at their own game with the Android-powered Tegra 4-packing Shield. But will you really buy it for about £240ish, or the price of a Nexus 4? Read More >>

NVIDIA Project Shield Hands On: A Little Less Weird Than It Looks

Nvidia's Project Shield is a curious little device, attempting to toss its hat into a bunch of rings at once. It's taking shots at handheld gaming, console gaming, tablets, and phones. For the most part, it's holding under the strain, but it's hard to imagine going out of your way to use it versus any of those things it's trying to replace. It's definitely passable and frequently good at emulating PC and console gaming, but it's just a little to busy to be a perfect copy. Read More >>

Kaboom: Nvidia Is Making Its Own Gaming System

Before today, Nvidia made parts to put inside gadgets other people build. Today, it has its own gaming device: a Tegra 4-powered handheld system with both an integrated controller and screen. Read More >>


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