How a Giant Rube Goldberg Machine Ended Up on the Side of This House

Commercial artist Josh Van Praag was commissioned by Alys Beach to do a piece of animation that would compliment the architecture of this house for their annual Digital Graffiti event, the key concept behind which is to cover as many walls as possible with video art and then throw a giant outdoor gallery party. Read More >>

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3D Projector Would Beam Long-Distance Lovers Right Into Your Own Living Room

A group of developers from the Human Media Lab at Queen's University in Canada, has developed a cylindrical display system — called the "TeleHuman" — that is capable of projecting within itself a person's full 3-dimensional figure. Circle the TeleHuman, and you will see your long-distance lover (or perhaps just your best friend) from all 360 degrees. Read More >>

Apple Continues Working On Kinect-Like Tracking With Projected Controls and Glasses-Free 3D

File this under cool shit we probably won't see for a long time. Apple just recently filed filed an expanded patent application for a system that would detect hand/head motion around a computer and let you manipulate projected image controls. Read More >>


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