You Can Turn Any Surface Into a Touchscreen With a £100 App

Ubi Interactive and Microsoft have been working together to develop software which can—with the addition of a Kinect and projector — turn any surface into a touchscreen. Now, you can buy the app that powers it for £100. Read More >>

This Counter-Paparazzi Tool is Also a Great Lighting Prop

As a photographer, I'm always on the look-out for cool gadgets that can help me put me ahead of my peers. One of the coolest techniques I've employed for many a year, is to use projectors in various ways to spit light onto scenes or models. The classic shot is the 'lit by French Blinds' shot -- but do you really need blinds or, indeed, the Sun anymore? Read More >>

Microsoft Wants to Turn Your Entire Wall into a TV Screen For Your Xbox

Microsoft has an IllumiRoom project that projects images onto the entire wall of your room. It's pretty crazy, when you're playing video games, the IllumiRoom will show you what's happening around you on the screen too. Basically, you get what giant wall TV for playing video games. Could this be part of the next Xbox? Read More >>

LG Unveils a Gigantor 100-Inch Laser Projector: You're Gonna Need Bigger Walls

While conventional video projectors have remained largely a niche market for dedicated home theatre enthusiasts on account of their difficult installation. However, a new breed of "home projector" has developed over the past few years into an increasingly viable alternative to flat panel televisions. And if LG's new 100-inch class LG "HECTO" Laser TV is any indicator, the LED/Plasma debate may be moot. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Beam Gets Priced and Dated For a Summer UK Release

Those hoping to make their mates green with envy by projecting their latest snaps of their glorious winter ski breaks on the wall while in the pub will be sorely disappointed. We’re going to have to wait till around July to get our grubby mitts on the Galaxy Beam for £385. Read More >>

Report: 35MM Projection Could Be Gone by 2015

Wanna know why movies are called "flicks"? It's because of the flickering light that's emitted from film projectors. Like smoking, smell-o-vision, and intermissions, it looks like 35MM films and their projectors are on their way out of the cinema. Read More >>

It’s A Case! It’s A Battery! It’s A Projector! It’s… ALL OF THEM

Sometimes, smartphone screens are just not big enough. Linking it to a projector is helpful but it's hardly portable and before you know it, the battery's gone. The Monolith, a triple-threat iPhone case that works as a projector and a battery pack, can light up your room while keeping your gear booboo-free. Read More >>

New Epson Projectors Display In 1080P and 3D, Require Dorky Glasses

Videophiles that prefer the tiny package of a projector should take a look at Epson's new PowerLite Pro Cinema 6010 or its refreshed Home Cinema models. Not only do they display 1080P, some models support 2D to 3D video conversion. Read More >>


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