North Korea Says It's Manufacturing Smartphones with "High Pixels"

North Korea is known for a lot of things: propaganda, prison camps, starving citizens. Manufacturing high-end electronics is not one of them. But who says a scrappy little country Dennis Rodman-loving totalitarian dictator can't dream? Read More >>

Everybody Should Follow These Rules for Using Their Phone

Because everyone has the freaking internet on their phone these days, we've forgotten common decency in how to use them. There is such thing as phone etiquette! And we should all follow such rules. Cartoonist Ted Slampyak created propaganda-style posters that details a few rules on how to use a phone in public. Read More >>

This Is the Animal Actually Found By North Korean Archeologist—No, It's Not a Unicorn

The world got it all wrong, so you can all stop laughing now. The North Korean archeologists didn't find a magic unicorn lair belonging to an ancient king in Pyongyang. Don't be stupid! No, they actually found lair of the animal you are seeing above. Read More >>

Hackers Break Into Reuters Not Once, But Twice

News giant Reuters has recently been hacked by online attackers, in not just one area, but across two different platforms, and used to spread propaganda messages that support the Syrian regime. Uh oh. Read More >>

These Nazi Propaganda Leaflets Dropped on Allied Soldiers Are Both Nauseating and Fascinating

Here's yet one more proof that Nazis—especially Goebbels—were not only disgusting bloody bastards but also cunning manipulators. Or perhaps stupid manipulators. Look at these propaganda leaflets that tried to convince American and British forces to desert by appealing to their most basic instincts. Read More >>

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North Korean War Propaganda Is Even Crazier than You Thought

What do you do when your rockets are broken; your nukes are just threats, and the whole world thinks you're a joke? Shout! Lots of shouting! Shouting and half-naked ninja moves and shooting RPGs at cardboard cutouts! In the woods! Read More >>


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