This Guy Proposed to His Girlfriend with... Vine

I don't even... This is just... I can't believe... okay. Breathe. Some guy used Vine and Twitter to propose to his girlfriend. As in he recorded a six second Vine video (selfie?) asking her to marry him, with a ring and everything. She didn't say no. Read More >>

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A Drone-Delivered Ring is Possibly the Nerdiest Proposal Ever

You thought romance was dead? You horrible cynic you. This proposal by photographer Jason Muscat, complete with drone-delivering ring, clearly proves otherwise. Using a quadrotor that normally totes his cameras around, he delivered a ring to his lucky girlfriend, who luckily didn't take off running when the thing came flying towards her (kudos). And, of course, being a photographer, everything was meticulously captured from several angles for your viewing pleasure. [Youtube via Weeder] Read More >>

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Iron Man Arc Reactor Ring Box Is the Perfect Proposal For a Comibook Nerd

Eddie Zarick is a clever man. First, he has a girlfriend who is a comic book nerd and loves Iron Man ("She always calls me Tony Stark for all of the projects I have going," he says). Second, he can make stuff like this cool motorised Iron Man arc reactor, which opens to reveal a proposal ring. Read More >>

UK Sees Its First Grouposal

Scared of proposing face-to-face? Fiancé-to-be a big fan of daily deals websites? Then start taking notes. Read More >>

This Guy Proposed to His Girlfriend By Faking a Plane Crash

We've seen some awesome, hilarious and good-hearted proposals but we've never seen anything as twisted as this: a guy and girl fly a two person plane and take in the sweeping views (cue: aww) but then things take a wild turn, as the plane begins to crash. Well, "crash". Read More >>

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Is This the Most Epic Marriage Proposal In History? I Don't Really Know, But I Would Say YES!

This is from last week, but since we missed it and yesterday's festivities fell victim to the British summer, I wanted to start the day on a happy note: the most epic and tear-jerking marriage proposal I've ever seen. Read More >>

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Watch This Guy's Heart Get Ripped-Out Live on Jumbo Vision When His Mid-Game Proposal Backfires

There aren’t many more humiliating things to happen to you if you’re a man than being turned down by the woman you love when you propose to them. But if you happen to be on camera at the time, up on the big screen of a basketball game, on “Mistletoe Cam” no less – that’s just got to be truly gut wrenching. I’m cringing just thinking about it. Ouch. Read More >>

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This Guy Proposed to His Girlfriend with Internet Memes

Attention lonely internet lurkers, there are girls out there who totally "get" our internet humour and still love us! Like Audrey, the lovely girl in this video who was proposed to by her boyfriend Tim with internet memes. Watch the video, it's so gosh darn cute. Read More >>


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