Mattel's Ghostbusters Neutrino Wand Prop Makes Us Wish Ghosts Were Real

Despite being a comedy, Ghostbusters packed a lot of convincing pseudo-science into its story, and the movie was chock full of wonderful—and incredibly desirable—props. And in the same way we don't believe that a toy lightsaber will ever suddenly arc to life, we don't believe this faithful reproduction of Egon's Neutrino Wand will ever snag a wandering spirit—but that doesn't make us want one any less. Read More >>

You Can Buy Walt's Tighty-Whities (and Other Props) From Breaking Bad

Upset that Breaking Bad is about to end? Feel like you're losing an abusive, meth-hocking friend? Everything's going to be ok—thanks to auction website ScreenBid, you can soon fill that empty space in your heart with "the most iconic tighty-whities in television." That's right, Walter White's underwear—along with a whole slew of other props from the show—will soon be up for sale. Read More >>

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This Dead Space Plasma Cutter Blinds and Burns With Lasers Instead

Apparently, this week's theme is dangerous DIY props because as a follow-up to the frightening 80,000-volt Thor hammer we now have an equally terrifying replica of the Dead Space Plasma Cutter. As far as prop design and attention to detail go it's beautiful, but the use of a pair of 1,500-milliwatt burning blue lasers has us cautious about recommending this as a DIY. Read More >>

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This Is What the Bridge of JJ Abrams' Redesigned Star Trek Enterprise Really Looks Like

JJ Abrams' re-envisaging of Star Trek is just about to head into its second instalment. The first one was pretty epic, but it was the redesigned new, old Enterprise that stole the show. Here's what it really looks like, in some amazing new photos direct from the set. Read More >>

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This is How the Jurassic Park Animatronic Triceratops Was Built

As a young pup watching Jurassic Park, I was in terrified of the T-Rex, fearful of the Raptors, in awe of the Brachiosaurus and annoyed of that little spraying dinosaur. But probably above all, I felt for the Triceratops. It was hurt! It was dying! It was so incredibly detailed. Stan Winston School revealed how they built the Triceratops, how they painted it, how they shipped it and how the puppeteers controlled it in this video. Part two of the Triceratops video can be found here. [Stan Winston School] Read More >>

How Engineers Built a Full-Size Animatronic T-Rex for Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park was awesome. Jurassic Park in 3D is awesome layered on awesome. And the tech behind the scenes? You can probably see where this is going. Read More >>

7 Iconic Film Props You Can Totally Try to Buy Right Now

Break out your chequebook and get ready to explain to your kids why they're not going to university anymore, Julien's Auction House is currently running its "Hollywood Legends 2013" live auction in Beverly Hills. In addition to a creep-ton of clothing once worn by now-deceased actress Brittany Murphy, many classic props from some of Hollywood's biggest films are up for bidding right now. Props like Captain Kirk's one-of-a-kind Phaser Rifle used in the retooled series pilot, which is estimated to go for £30,000 to £50,000. Ouch. Read More >>

This Ghostbusters Fanatic Built a Perfect Replica of Their HQ

If you thought you were a big fan of Bill Murray movies, you've got nothing on one Italian fan who's built an impossibly perfect replica of the basement of the Ghostbusters' firehall headquarters. Read More >>

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What's the Best Weapon from a Sci-Fi or Fantasy Movie?

Here's an argument to end all arguments: what's the best weapon from a science fiction or fantasy movie or comic book, or action flick, or any type of movie where make-believe weapons get invented? Is it the legendary light sabre  Perhaps you'd rather trust yourself with Thor's hammer. Or maybe even the ring from Lord of the Rings? Are you bold enough to wield Wolverine's claws? You get the point. What's the best weapon our human brains have ever thought of. Read More >>

Now You Can Buy Your Very Own ED-209 Robocop Killer Robot

Your neighbours pissing you off? Pesky cats crapping all over your lawn? No problem. Just buy yourself this full-sized ED-209 killing machine from Robocop, and all your enemies will have just 20 seconds to comply before being blown to smithereens. Read More >>

Nerdgasm Alert: Full Size Lego Avengers Props!

Ken Robichaud has created these awesome, full-sized Avengers props in Lego: Thor's Mjölnir, Captain America's shield, Hawkeye's bow and arrows and the Black Widow's thingamajigs. They are perfectly made. The arch even bends like the real thing! (nerdy scream). Read More >>

The Enormous Secret Weapons Depot Hidden Underneath Manhattan

Manhattan's SoHo neighbourhood is mostly filled with bored models and stupid-expensive boutiques. But on one grimy, absolutely ignorable corner is the entrance to a cavern stuffed with guns, rockets, cocaine, and riot shields. This is where Hollywood locks and loads. Read More >>

You Can Buy One of the Super Rare DeLorean Time Machines Used in Back to the Future

Profiles in History is auctioning off over 100 Back to the Future props but the one that's got me—and about the entire rest of the world—shaking in my boots is the DeLorean used in BTTF III. It's one of only seven DeLoreans used throughout the entire series. Read More >>


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