There Could Be a Working, Crowd-Sourced Hyperloop Demo by 2015

By now we've all heard about genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist Elon Musk's Hyperloop idea. Commuters climb into a giant tube and are fired at five times the speed of light (OK, no, but super, super fast) towards their destination. And soon, there could be a prototype. Read More >>

Sharp Chop-Syc Chopping Board Offers Digital Distractions to Slice Your Fingers Off to

Did the Jetsons ever do any cooking, or did they just leave absolutely everything up to their robot slaves? If they ever did get around to putting their own meals together, they'd have probably used their vibro-knives to chop up ingredients on something like this, the Chop-Syc interactive chopping board. Read More >>

Apple's Come a Long Way Since This Original MacBook Reference Design

At first glance it doesn't look like much but this thing is a reference design of the first 13-inch MacBook. Remember those from 2006? Read More >>

Taxpayers Picking Up the Bill for 600 New £266,000 Boris Buses

The exciting new modernised Routemaster that's set to roll around London is coming in at quite a cost to us lot, with the 600 updated buses, at a cost of £266,000 each, set to be paid for out of public money. Read More >>

If Only Every iPhone Came With a Death Star Logo on the Back

A prototype iPhone has popped up on eBay -- no not an iPhone 5, an ancient iPhone 4 pre-production model -- but it's sporting the most awesome-looking of logos on the back, ever. Gone is the traditional Apple logo and in with what looks like a prototype death star, or err, the protologo. Read More >>

Apple Claims This Prototype Means It Didn't Copy Sony

Last week, it came to light that Samsung was planning to attack Apple based on the fact that its iPhone design copied Sony products—and the evidence was convincing. But now the Verge has uncovered Apple's response, which suggests there were convincing iPhone prototypes kicking around well before the Sony-esque model was dreamt up. Read More >>

Apple Really Was Musing Dual-Dock Connector iPads

Short of the whole iPhone 4 fiasco, Apple's pretty good at keeping things under wraps. It apparently chains prototypes to desks and locks them in military-like secure bunkers, but it seems at least one has escaped. A prototype first generation iPad equipped with two dock connector ports was just sold on eBay for £6,500. Read More >>

This Is NASA's Moonbase Prototype

What you’re looking at there is NASA’s brand new, cutting-edge, Moffett Field facility in California – it’s NASA’s way of testing-out the tech it needs to build a moonbase, but on planet Earth. Read More >>

The No-Name 3DTV That Blew My Eyes Right Out Of Their Sockets

Let me preface this by saying: I’m a jaded tech writer. Sadly there aren’t many things that genuinely impress me these days, and that definitely includes current 3D technology. I'm telling you all of this so you'll know how deadly serious I am when I say the following line: this no-name 3D technology has blown me away. It's the 3D that the big players should have given us years ago. No glasses; no flicker; no blurriness; no fixed focal planes forcing your eyes to focus here or there (that’s what causes headaches); just a convincing illusion of 3D without the hassle. Read More >>

Boris' Fancy New Hybrid Routemaster Debuts on a Rocky Road in London

The extremely pricy, but oh-so-beautiful re-imagining of the classic Routemaster – a true London icon – is finally here on the streets of the capital, or at least one of them is. Unfortunately it’s not all plain sailing; it seems a few bugs still need to be worked out. Read More >>

Clamp On WHILL Temporarily Gives Manual Wheelchairs Electric Drive

It might look like a monstrous set of headphones, but the WHILL is actually an electric drivetrain designed to clamp onto manually powered wheelchairs, temporarily giving them a powered boost when longer distances have to be traveled. Read More >>


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