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Google Glass Looks Supercool (Compared With the Prototype)

One of Google's marketing people tasked with the job of convincing the world Google Glass is for normal people as well as skydiving tech nerds has released an image of a prototype, showing that Google tested its Glass hardware by humiliating its staff with a bulky headset, cables and a rucksack. Read More >>

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A German Concept Car Designed to be 3D-Printed in One Piece

German engineering firm EDAG's concept Genesis gives a peek at the sweeping, sci-fi future of car design, where entire vehicle bodies are 3D printed in one piece rather than being assembled from thousands of components. Our gearhead friends at Jalopnik took a closer look during the Geneva Motor Show. [EDAG] Read More >>

Death to the Phablet! Samsung Has a Folding Phone-to-Tablet Prototype

Samsung's Galaxy Round dulled our expectations for the promise of flexible displays. It was basically a Galaxy Note 3 with a curve that rendered text unreadable, according to those who got to play with it. But don't write off Samsung's flexi-phones yet -- a pair of new prototypes sound like truly next-generation devices. Read More >>

This Hybrid Quadcopter Drone Can Take Off and Land Vertically

Quadcopters offer extreme precision and control in flight, not to mention the ability to take off and land vertically. But compared to the traditional plane design used for most drones, their speed and long range capabilities are limited. So an Arizona-based drone builder called Latitude Engineering hopes to capture the best of both worlds with a quadcopter and drone hybrid that doesn't need a runway, but can fly long distance missions. Read More >>

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A Handheld 3D Scanner Could Let You Upload Your Whole World

3D printing is more popular and accessible than ever, with printers on course to get even cheaper in the near future. But printing is only one side of the equation, what about taking 3D pictures? There's a convenient, handheld gadget in the works that could do just that, and way cheaper than anything else has before. Read More >>

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The Idiotic Things Google Was Going to Make You Say to Use Google Glass

Though wearing Google Glass makes you look like a futuristic cross-eyed cyborg to the entire world, controlling Glass is a lot more natural and conversational than you'd expect. A few swipes and a couple of "OK Glass" to get started. But do you know what Google was thinking about making you say before it settled on OK Glass? Boy, it would've been ridiculous. Like pew pew pew ridiculous. Read More >>

The PS4's Controllers Almost Had Basically a Built-In Lie Detector

During the development of the PlayStation 4's DualShock 4 controller, Sony tested a version of a controller that included biofeedback sensors to detect how stressed the player was, based on how much his or her hand was sweating.That's right; the same technology that's used in polygraphs could have been an integral part of the PS4. Read More >>

Ford's New Prototyping Machine Turns Sheet Metal Into Custom Parts

A modern assembly line can churn out a new vehicle every few minutes, but when carmakers want to build and test a prototype, it takes weeks to produce the dies and moulds needed to stamp out a custom one-off part. So Ford has developed a fantastic new prototyping machine that functions kind of like a 3D printer in that it can produce a custom part in mere hours. Except that instead of plastic, it works its magic on sheet metal. Read More >>

Yep, That's a Helicopter Bicycle

OK, so none of us probably have any use for a flying bike, but it's alright to want one. It's perfectly natural. So just let the wild envy wash over you as this Frankenstein machine takes flight. Read More >>

7 Bizarre Apple Products That Were Just Too Weird to Exist

You can't always be at the top your game, and Apple is no exception. As we eagerly await today's WWDC reveals, it's fun to remember that for every hit there's a handful of slightly more questionable ideas that just never quite clicked. Here are the seven of weirdest Apple gadgets that just weren't good enough to make it to the finish line. Read More >>

Intel's Prototype Thunderbolt Flash Drive Is the World's Fastest

You can officially stop bragging about how fast your fancy new USB 3.0 flash drive is. At the Computex show in Taipei, Intel was showing off this hacked-together prototype of a dedicated Thunderbolt 128GB flash drive boasting data transfer speeds of 10 Gbit/s, or about twice as fast as USB 3.0's max. And now that Thunderbolt 2 has been introduced, waiting around for large files to copy to your flash drive could be a thing of the past. Read More >>

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Here Are What the Google Glass Prototypes Looked Like

Wearing Google Glass might make you look weird but it's certainly a lot better than any of the prototypes that Google first tried out. Google Project Glass Staff Hardware Engineer Jean Wang showed off a slide revealing the earliest prototypes of Glass and they're a lot bulkier with open ribbons, chips, gigantic cameras and more. You'd look like a total robot wearing these. Read More >>

One of Only Two Sega Pluto Prototype Consoles in Existence For Sale

This is easily the most exciting piece of gaming hardware to come to light in many years. A super-rare Sega Pluto prototype of which only two were ever made. It's a bit battered, but you can buy it. You may need to sell your house, car, sofa, phone, microwave and bottom by the hour first to raise enough money, but it could be yours. Read More >>

Samsung Is Working on Mind-Control for Its Tablets

Samsung's got no shortage of alternate control methods up its sleeve. You've got your eye scroll and your air gestures, but how about full on mind-control? Samsung's messing with it, but it probably won't be coming to consumer devices very soon. Probably. Read More >>

The First Nike FuelBand Prototypes Looked Like Humongous Sweat Bands

You know the Nike FuelBand as a sleek black band that's a half-step removed from a Livestrong bracelet. That wasn't always the case, though. Some looked totally different from the finished product, like this early mockup that basically got the FuelBand off the ground. Read More >>


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