PlayStation Now Brings Gaikai PS3, PS2 Game Streaming to PS4, but UK Will Have to Wait

With the PlayStation 4 lacking any built-in backwards compatibility features, classic PS3 and PS2 games were promised to be coming to the console via a streaming service, developed by Gaikai. That service, now called PlayStation Now, will be ready by the summer -- so long as you live in the US. Read More >>

The PlayStation 2 Is Finally Dead

Yep, that's right. Sony was still actually making PS2s over six years into the reign of the PS3, but no more, in Japan at least. 150 million PS2s, and well over 12-years later, Sony's finally stopped making new PS2s. Is the PS4 right around the corner? Read More >>

Sony Kills Off WipEout Developer Sony Liverpool, AKA Psygnosis

One of the UK's most fondly remembered development houses has been closed, with Sony ending all coding work at its historic Liverpool office. Read More >>

The Tim Burton Collection On Blu-Ray Is Your Weird-and-Wonderful Deal of the Day

Tim Burton eh? Not everyone's cup of tea and you'd probably think twice before inviting him round for said cup of tea in case he started weirding everyone out. You can't be too careful these days. Read More >>


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