There are Now Seven Million PS4 Consoles Sitting Under TVs Worldwide

As well as revealing details of the PlayStation 4's first major software update, Sony has shared just how many of its latest home console it has sold. And it's doing pretty damn well. Read More >>

From Killzone to Coppola -- PS4 v1.70 Will Add SHAREfactory Video Editing

Though the Xbox One has been getting significant update drops each month since launch, Sony has so far held back with major system software tweaks for its PlayStation 4 console. The forthcoming v1.70 update represents the first proper update for the PS4 then, introducing the SHAREfactory video editor. Read More >>

Sony's Own VR Tech for PS4 May Appear Next Week

March 17th is the day the Game Developers Conference kicks off in the US, with rumours suggesting Sony may use the event to launch its own take on the Oculus Rift VR technology for its PlayStation4 console. Read More >>

The Xbox One and PS4 Now Cost the Same Thanks to Maplin Price Cut

If the toss-up between an Xbox One or PS4 console is all down to the price for you (and not exclusive games like Titanfall or tin-foil hat Kinect sensor concerns), making a choice on a next-gen gaming system just got much harder. A new Maplin price cut puts the Xbox One at £349.99 -- exactly the same as the PS4. Read More >>

Watch Dogs' New Release Date Confirmed for May 27th

If you like the Assassin's Creed games, but wish they had more smartphones, cars and security cameras in them, you'll be pleased to hear that Ubisoft's delayed Watch Dogs finally has an official launch date. Wannabe Jonny Lee Millers will be able to hack Watch Dogs' in-game city to a standstill on May 27 2014, on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. Yep -- no word on the troubled Wii U version's release. [Ubisoft] Read More >>

Sony's Virtual Reality Oculus Rift Rival for PS4 Could Launch in March

When the "Glorious PC Gaming Master Race" takes to its soapbox, one of the first things you'll hear it wax lyrical about is the prospect of VR gaming thanks to the upcoming release of the Oculus Rift. But it is one trump card that Sony may be ready to wrestle away from them, with reports that it is nearly ready to reveal a PlayStation 4 VR headset. Read More >>

Is a Wooden PS4 Cover Tasteful or Tacky?

When Sony was designing its futuristic next-gen PlayStation 4 console, it probably had Tron in mind, not the Wooden Tops. But if a slick black box doesn't sit well in your pine TV cabinet, maybe this wooden PS4 cover will suit your decor more seamlessly? Read More >>

US PS4 Sales Smash Xbox One, Selling "Nearly Double" in January

Microsoft's run of consecutive console sales wins in the US has come to a crashing halt, with Sony's PS4 managing to outsell the Xbox One in January. Not only that, but sources with access to the numbers suggest PS4 sales were nearly double those of Microsoft's rival machine. It's only one month of data, but still. [Twitter vis Techradar] Read More >>

PS Vita Slim Gets UK Release Date: Better Battery Life But the Screen Gets a Downgrade

Wearers of skin-tight jeans, rejoice! Sony has just announced the launch of the PS Vita mark 2 (aka, the "Slim one") in the UK, for pocketable, bulge-free gaming. Read More >>

Struggling Nintendo Shifts Fewer Wii Us in a Year Than PS4 or Xbox One Managed in Two Months

3 million Xbox Ones and 4.2 million PS4s have been sold since launch roughly two months ago. But across the whole of 2013, just 2.8 million Nintendo Wii U consoles were sold. Yikes. Read More >>

PlayStation Now Hands On: Hey This Thing Actually Works

So PlayStation Now works. Like really. Like what the heck are you sure there isn't a PlayStation tucked away behind this TV and hidden somehow behind this Vita works. It's incredible because it doesn't feel incredible, if that makes any sense. You can play streaming games without any game console, and that's pretty damn impressive. Read More >>

FIFA 14 on the Cheap is Your Armchair Messi Deal of the Day

You should have, by now, realised that you're never going to be a professional footballer. The chances of you scoring the winning goal in an FA Cup final for your local team are as remote as Ann Widdecombe's clitoris. However, that doesn't mean you can't play for 90 minutes without vomiting on yourself. Read More >>

PS4 Owners Watch Three Times More Porn Than Xbox One Owners

You may be familiar with the Spotify of porn, but did you know that there's also a Netflix of porn? Probably! Assuming you're the proud owner of a Playstation 4, that is. Because according to online porn rental service SugarDVD, three times as many PS4 users as Xbox One users signed up for the site's console app. Read More >>

Gran Turismo 6's Engines Stall as £120 Micro-Transactions for Cars Revealed

Micro-transactions in games aren't necessarily a bad thing -- I no longer have the time to hunt down every secret in every game, and if dropping fifty pence here and there enhances a game for me by saving a few hours of gameplay grind, that's fair enough. But £120 for an in-game digital car? That's just taking the piss. Read More >>

The Relevance of Review Scores

Back in September, Gamespot published a review that unleashed hell. It was written by Carolyn Petit, who awarded Grand Theft Auto V a score of 9/10 but cited muddled politics and "profound misogyny" as negatives. Fair warning: the comments on that review are among the worst I've ever seen or heard. Interestingly, the readers were so vehemently upset over what was actually a very generous 9/10 score. Read More >>

Sony Planning Exclusive TV Content for PlayStation Network

It appears that Sony is looking to follow Microsoft (and Netflix) in generating (and paying for) some exclusive media content for PS4, via a recently discovered media company that calls itself PlayStation Productions. Read More >>


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