Select PS4 PSN Features to be Temporarily Disabled For UK Launch

In the world of tech balls-ups lightning can indeed strike twice and, looking to prevent the embarrassing sluggishness of the PlayStation Network upon the PS4's US launch, Sony is taking measures to ensure the same doesn't happen again after tonight's UK launch. Read More >>

75 Per Cent Off Horror PSN Games Is Your Fiendish Halloween Deal of the Day

Halloween is on the way, which means suffering the horror of children clawing at your door with their horrible, tiny little fists, moaning and groaning for you to tip bags of sugar into their toothless mouths. Don't try and escape to the pub, because lumpy men and women will be parading themselves around in a variety of blood splattered 'sexy' outfits. Read More >>

You Can Listen to the Leaked GTA V Soundtrack Right Now

Over the bank holiday weekend, it looks like Sony managed to leak a load of GTA V assets thanks to its European pre-order system on the PS3. Part of the leak was a massive audio file from which people started to compile list of tracks for each of its traditionally-hilarious radio stations that allegedly form GTA V's truly badass soundtrack. Read More >>

Sony Gets a Whopping £250,000 Slap Across the Face For That PSN Hacking Mess

Ouch, talk about putting the boot in. The Information Commissioner's Office has decided that Sony should have done more to prevent all that PSN hacking back in 2011, which saw millions of users details, including credit cards and addresses, compromised. It's slapped Sony with a huge £250,000 fine. Read More >>

Relive GTA: San Andreas While You Wait for GTA V

In all the fervour around GTA V you could have been forgiven for wanting your GTA fix right now. Rockstar hears you, and has pushed out the awesome GTA San Andreas onto the PSN store. Shame it costs £12, and it hasn't gotten the love that GTA Vice City did on iPhone and Android, but at least you don't have to venture out into the freezing cold to get it immediately. [CVG] Read More >>

Looks Like the PS3 Has Been Hacked Again, and This Time It's a Doozy

I'd hate to be a Sony employee and then find out that a new PSN-enabled custom firmware has been released to hacked consoles, and then finding out that there's widespread publication of the console's LV0 decryption keys, which apparently, "blows the system wide open." Because that's what happened to Sony. And it looks mighty tricky for the Japanese manufacturer. Read More >>

Season One of Game of Thrones on Blu-Ray Is Your King-Sean-Bean-Memorial-Service Deal of the Day

Television's got way more sophisticated in recent years, but it's nice to have some show around that can be summed up succinctly in three words, and that's what we've got today. Those words? According to a good friend of ours, 'fighting, knockers and incest'. Read More >>

A Nintendo Wii Or DSi On-the-Cheap Is Your Mario-Extravaganza Deal of the Day

Nintendo are gearing their fun-providing arses up and are almost ready to release their new Wii U console, with its weird giant controller and everything. Read More >>

A Bundle of Free PSN+ Games Is Your Gamers-Double-Dip-Recession-Busting Deal of the Day

How many fingers have you got? If it's less than nine you could be in trouble because today's bestest bargain might render you speechless and needing to count its components. If you're confused by that, it has nine components. Okay? Read More >>

Is Your Netflix Streaming Buggered After the Latest PS3 Update?

Some users are reporting that their Netflix streaming app gets stuck in an update-crash loop after upgrading to the latest PlayStation 3 firmware. The update rolls in the PSN to SEN changes and finally gives the much maligned browser some love. Read More >>

UK PS3 Owners Can Now Download US TV Shows From £1.49 a Pop

Still looking for somewhere to get your over-the-top TV without the likes of Sky or Virgin? Sony's just let loose a load of TV shows for purchase in the UK on its PlayStation Network. US TV shows are available in SD for £1.49, with HD setting you back another quid. Read More >>

An Important Message From Sony’s Chief Information Security Officer: "OH GOD, NO, IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN"

Poor old Sony was hammered by both media and its own users earlier this year, after news broke of a large-scale hacking of its PlayStation Network. And now it's happened again. Read More >>

Sony's New Playstation 3 Video Unlimited Interface Looks Pretty But Clumsy

A few weeks ago we got a look at Microsoft's updated Xbox Live interface. Now Sony's got a public preview of its new interface for browsing video on the Playstation Network on the Playstation 3, called Video Unlimited. Read More >>


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