AirPnP Lets You Invite Drunk Strangers Inside to Wee All Over Your Floor

AirPnP is clever mobile site that takes care of "lavatory logistics" while you're out and about, offering to link up people who need to go to the toilet with those who are happy to invite strangers into their homes to get wee everywhere and use more than their fair share of toilet paper. Read More >>

Twitter IPO Values Social Site at Around £6.5bn

Twitter has announced plans to float itself on the US stock market, in a move that ought to place a value of around £6.5bn on the time-wasting social site. Read More >>

Anti-Piracy Law Firm to Shame Vicars, the Police and Arab Embassies

German law firm Urmann is about to publicly shame those it believes are guilty of piracy, with the personal details of offenders set to be published on its web site from September 1st. Read More >>

Social Stalker Site Shames Those Who Say Silly Things in Public

Social aggregator We Know What You're Doing is some sort of "experiment" being run by a chap called Callum Haywood, which pulls public status updates from a variety of social networks. The results are pretty shameful. Read More >>

internet is The Future of Boring Government Web Sites

The UK government has launched the first public beta test version of its newly built web site, which aims to save around £50m per year in costs by combining all the government's current sites into one massive new super-web-presence. Read More >>


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