A Glowing Pump That Lets Drivers Know You're Doing Roadside Repairs

There's a reason that Topeak's MiniRocket iGlow bike bump won a 2013 Red Dot Design Award: the transparent barrel encases a internal optical fiber that turns a small red LED into a brilliantly-visible glowing safety strip. And at just 67 grams, it adds minimal weight to your bike's frame, so it's easy to always keep on hand. A pair of watch-sized batteries powers it continuously for up to 50 hours on its brightest setting, and 100 hours when dimmed. Read More >>

Why Diet When You Can Pump Junk Food Out of Your Stomach?

Losing weight is tough. You've got to eat healthier, start exercising, and just stop being such a lazy, horrible slob in general. That is unless you get a pump that literally sucks food out of your stomach and replaces it with water after the fact. Talk about enabling. Read More >>

This Simple Petrol Pump Nozzle Screen Could Save Millions of Litres of Dripped Fuel

Spilling petrol on your shoes after you fill your car seems like just a small annoyance. But it happens to everyone, and apparently all that wasted fuel adds up to about half a billion litres of fuel lost every year. An epidemic this simple mesh cap promises to solve. Read More >>


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