BlackBerry Claims it has Loads of Cash, so Don't Panic Yet

BlackBerry's taken the unusual step of releasing an open letter to its users, trying to calm the storm surrounding its financial situation and possible sale. BB says it has "substantial cash on hand" and is restructuring itself "in order to run a very efficient, customer-oriented organization." It wants people to think it'll still be around 18 months from now, so can everyone please start buying some Z10s. Thanks. [Blackberry] Read More >>

BlackBerry Q10 Priced at £579 SIM-Free

BlackBerry's either extremely confident about its forthcoming Q10's chances of success or desperate to pull in any money while it can, with the new QWERTY BB10 model now up for pre-order in the UK at the astonishing price of £579. That's a super-high price usually reserved  for established smartphone kings Samsung and Apple. An audacious move by BlackBerry, or commercial death-wish madness? Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About the New BlackBerrys

Last night the world held its collective breath as RIM BlackBerry took its sweet arse time trotting out the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 and amidst all the shenanigans, the company formerly known as RIM managed to show off a few notable new BB10 features, too. In case you missed all the live coverage last night, you can find everything and anything related to BlackBerry 10 below. Read More >>

BlackBerry's Most Important Phone Isn't Its Flagship

BlackBerry announced two phones today, but it's clear which is the favourite son. The Z10 looks like a winner; it's got brains and body enough to face the iPhones and Galaxy S IIIs of the world head-on. It's got a release date and a price. It's a phone any company would be proud to call a flagship. In fact, its only downside is that it's totally irrelevant. Whoops! Read More >>

BlackBerry Q10 Hands On: We Missed You, QWERTY

The BlackBerry Z10 might be the prom queen of the BB10 launch, but the Q10 and its physical keyboard is what a lot of people are actually waiting for. "Will I still be able to have a BlackBerry like my BlackBerry after this?" Sure, just better. Read More >>

Blackberry Q10: The Next Generation QWERTY Beast

BlackBerry's QWERTY handset for BlackBerry 10 is here. BlackBerry 10 does away with a lot of baggage that has been holding BlackBerry back, but the QWERTY keyboard is here to stay, and this slim, lightweight Q10 phone is its future. Read More >>


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