QR Codes Make Themselves Useful as Warship Construction Maps

BAE Systems staff working on the new series of Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers have come up with a novel use for the poor old QR code system; sticking codes on walls of the skeletons of the ships to help engineers find their way around the massive 3D construction sites. Read More >>

Government Sends Final Demand to Energy Companies for Compulsory QR Codes on Bills

Despite David Cameron's promise of a world in which the "Internet of Things" has our microwaves asking us what ready meal we'd like partially heated up for dinner tonight, the government's energy secretary Ed Davey foresees a tamer and more realistic tech future in which the old QR code is used to help customers save money on energy bills. Read More >>

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How QR Codes Work and Why They Suck So Hard

QR codes are a technology that desperately wants our attention. They appear everywhere from supermarket shelves and magazines to hiking trails and tombstones. Never heard of a QR code? You're looking at one right now. Scan the image at the top of this article, and it'll open a link to the mobile version...of this article. Very meta. Read More >>

Definitive Proof That Robots and QR Codes Are Not the Future of Bartending

It's generally assumed that robots will eventually take over all jobs currently staffed by humans. But tending bar could be one of the hold outs, if this Social Drink Machine is any indication. It lets patrons place orders through a combination of social media, mobile apps, and QR codes, but in this case the whole is unfortunately not greater than the sum of its parts. Read More >>

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At Least This QR Code Clock Appreciates How Useless It Is

For all intents and purposes, QR codes are a dead technology only being kept alive by marketing machine life support, and errr, Apple. For some reason advertising types think it's easier for consumers to snap a photo of a pixelated square than remember a URL, but as Michael Ciuffo points out with his obfuscated QR code clock, it's a "…technological convenience that really isn't convenient." Read More >>

Acoustic Barcodes Are Probably Super Popular In Some Alternate Universe

With technology like NFC on the rise, you might think the humble barcode might not be long for this world. As it turns out, that old medium has at least one more trick up its sleeve. Going tactile and operating with sound just might be what it takes to make barcodes cool (again?). Read More >>

No Wonder Passbook Uses Crummy QR Codes, Apple Uses Them in Manufacturing too

Apple loves QR codes -- you've only got to look on the intimate parts of its products to know that. Thanks to a supposedly leaked test report image, left on a iPhone 5 shipped directly from China, this love for QR codes extends to manufacturing as well. That "Fail" message is a bit worrying -- not the kind of thing you'd want to see on your shiny new iPhone 5. Read More >>

This Augmented Reality App Is the Final Nail in the QR Code's Hideous Coffin

Just about everyone except for inept marketers can agree that QR codes are terrible and useless. That being said, there's not really a better alternative if you're looking to implement augmented-reality on the cheap. Until now, thanks to Layar's new page-scanning smartphone app. Read More >>

Monmouth Declares Itself "The First Wikipedia Town in the World"

The very detailed Monmouthpedia project that wants to chart the town in unprecedented depth is about to go live, with the blue plaques in place and some 500 Wikipedia entries created to tell us all about life in the quaint holiday spot. Read More >>

Facebook Plans For Inevitable QR Code Space Race

Planning ahead to a time when everyone has a QR code painted on their roof to advertise their services or display Google ads to passing space tourists, Facebook has stuck a massive QR code on the top of one of its Menlo Campus buildings. Read More >>

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The New Worst Place for QR Codes: Burkas

They're controversial, confusing, and their presence creates tension across the western world. Now QR codes have found their way onto the burqa—but why? I can't wait to download this app! Read More >>

Sexy Women with QR Codes on Their Butts Is Awful Awful Awful

QR Codes, those impractical little squares that deliver information through a phone's camera, have seen their fair share of bad ideas. But this explosion of tackyness seems especially dumb and horrible and gross and UGH. Read More >>

WTF QR CODES: The Definitive Compendium of a Sad and Horrible Technology

For whatever reason, QR codes still haven't died. Near Field Communication is far superior in every conceivable way, yet it's only in a small handful of phones. And apparently I'm not the only one angry about the nine lives of this insufferable technology, because some people have dedicated a Tumblr to its terribleness. Read More >>

Community Wikipedia Scheme "Monmouthpedia" Launched

The town of Monmouth is about to get detailed in extraordinary depth, with the Monmouthpedia project set to chart its "notable places, people, artefacts, flora, fauna and other things" to promote the place to smartphone-using modern visitors. Read More >>

eBay Christmas Boutique to Bring QR-Code Shopping to London's Soho In December

eBay's bringing its 'buy-it-now' shopping experience to London for Christmas. The pop-up shop will run from the 1st to 5th of December, show casing product ideas labelled with QR codes for instant purchasing from your mobile. Read More >>

How Wikipedia Is Making QR Codes Useful Again

QR codes have fallen out of fashion and sunk to an all-time low. But Wikipedia and its QRpedia service may change all that. Read More >>


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