Scientists are Going to Create the Coldest Spot in the Known Universe

The Cold Atom Lab will be an atomic refrigerator that aims to push temperatures down to unstudied depths of 100 pico-Kelvin. That is to say, one ten-billionth of a degree above absolute zero, at which point matter's movement stops entirely. In theory, anyway. At these ridiculously frigid temperatures, matter should stop being a gas, liquid, or solid and instead opt to assume totally quantum state of being. How could you not want to study that? Read More >>

Why Programming a Quantum Computer Is So Damn Hard

Someday, somehow, quantum computing is going to change the world as we know it. Even the lamest quantum computer is orders of magnitude more powerful than anything we could ever make today. But figuring out how to program one is ridiculously hard. Read More >>

Photons Can Communicate From Beyond the Grave

Everyone knows that quantum physics is weird—but it just got weirder. Because a team of scientists from the University of Jerusalem have used quantum entanglement to allow two photons that never existed at the same time to communicate with each other. Read More >>

Quantum Physics Can Make an Unjammable Radar

Radar has been the way to spot enemy aircraft zooming across the sky for decades, but (un)fortunately, it doesn't always work. If you've got the right tech, you can fool it. A new kind developed by researchers at the University of Rochester however, dips into quantum physics and is unjammable and infallible. Read More >>

Scientists Just Discovered the Speed Limit for Quantum Particles

Nothing travels faster than light in a vacuum, obviously. And while scientists knew that quantum particles interact with one another at a slower speed, they had trouble measuring the speed at which that happens. Until now, that is. Read More >>


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