This is the Most Complex Integrated Quantum Circuit Ever Made

It might look understated, but you're looking at the most functionally complex integrated quantum circuit ever made from a single material—and it can both generate photons and entangle them, all at the same time. Read More >>

Bank Note Ink Will Help Make Quantum Computers Cheaper

Every so often, the thing you've been looking for all along is right under your nose. Like the latest material to offer itself up as the future of quantum computing, which has been sitting on banknotes for decades. Read More >>

What's Wrong With Quantum Computing

You've heard plenty of people by now, including us, banging on about quantum computers, and how they’re the future of high-performance computing. Quantum computing, we're meant to understand, is set to change the world. But despite its promise, it's neither widely available nor particularly useful yet. Here's why not. Read More >>

How the Hell Does a Quantum Computer Work?

You've probably heard people — including us — banging on about quantum computers for long ol' time. But that doesn't necessarily mean you know exactly how they work. Fortunately this video is here to help. Read More >>

Government Lab Admits to Using Quantum Internet for Two Years

This might be the biggest tech humblebrag ever. A team of scientists at Los Alamos National Labs has quietly shrugged its shoulders and admitted to the fact that, yeah, it's been using quantum internet for, like, the last two years. Whatever. Read More >>

Sony's New Triluminous TVs Will Be Powered by Quantum Physics

While Sony might currently be spoken about in TV circles for its blazing 4K sets, the future could hold something quite different. In fact, Sony's Next Big Thing — Triluminous displays — will be powered by quantum physics. Read More >>

Scientists Have Made the World's First Quantum Router

While people get excited about future internets being powered by quantum particles, nobody really knows how that's going to work yet. But Chinese physicists have taken a step in the right direction, by creating the world's first quantum router. Read More >>

Future Internets Will Be Powered by Quantum Particles

Like quantum physics? What about quantum computers? Or quantum computers in a diamond? Then you should know that researchers at the Max Planck Institute have appropriately devised a way to create a quantum network in which a photon is exchanged between two atoms. Future! Read More >>

IBM Busts Record for ‘Superconducting’ Quantum Computer

Today's quantum computers are no more than experiments. Researchers can string together a handful of quantum bits -- seemingly magical bits that store a "1″ and "0″ at the same time -- and these ephemeral creations can run relatively simple algorithms. But new research from IBM indicates that far more complex quantum computers aren't that far away. Read More >>

The Fascinating Quantum Theory of Pixels

Did you think that quantum physics is complicated? Try the quantum theory of pixels, as explained by 8-bit Professor Hawking. Read More >>


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