A Hologram-Projecting R2-D2 Birthday Cake Makes Us Insanely Jealous

Besides layers and layers of chocolate cake, R2-D2's outer fondant layer also hides a pico projector that connects to an external laptop playing Princess Leia's famous message, with a birthday greeting for Alexander tacked onto the end. As birthday cakes go it's about as awesome as they can get, unless someone found a way to blast a Rice Krispies treat edible lightsaber out of its dome. [WedgeStrap via Hackaday] Read More >>

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R2D2 Luggage Would Be Way Cooler If It Automatically Followed You Around

Since no one here on earth currently has the need for an astromech droid capable of light spaceship repairs, re-purposing R2D2 as an autonomous suitcase is a brilliant idea. So it's kind of disappointing that this rolling artoo luggage has to be manually dragged along. Read More >>

German States Used Malware to Spy on Their Citizens

It sounds like the plot of a mid-tier thriller, but it actually happened: German governments have been deploying state-sponsored malware to spy on its citizens... for two years. And the trojan they used is serious business. Read More >>


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