Trying Out a 3D-Scanner That Makes Helmets Custom-Molded to Your Head

It's not hard to find a badass-looking helmet for your adrenaline-fuelled hobbies. The trick is finding one that fits correctly. For decades, that's meant buying a standard (S/M/L) size lid and rearranging the padding to conform to your noggin. Recently, I got to try out a much better way. Read More >>

Formula E's Futuristic Sound Puts F1 to Shame

A lot of people are not happy with the sound of the new engines in this year’s Formula One. As a result of extensive rule changes, the 2014 F1 cars are much quieter than last year’s models, with none of that ear-splitting high-pitched scream that made 2013–and earlier–cars so appealing. And now, a competitor is putting them to shame. Read More >>

App-Connected Scalextric Cars Give You Mario Kart-Like Power-Ups and Damage

Who knew that when Super Mario Kart first hit the SNES so many years ago it would have such a lasting effect on us? Even Scalextric, who've been making slot car tracks for decades, are finally introducing a new accessory that wirelessly connects to an app so you can add SMK-like crash damage, power-ups, and even stat tracking to back up your bragging rights. Read More >>

King of the World! Leonardo DiCaprio Forms His Own Formula E Electric Car Racing Team

Having played dead among the digital wreck of the Titanic and taken to the skies as aviation pioneer Howard Hughes, Leonardo DiCaprio's onscreen roles have seen him as no stranger to vehicular inovation. Life seems to be imitating art then, with The Great Gatsby star today revealed as the co-founder of one of next year's Formula E electric car racing teams. Read More >>

F1 Designer Adrian Newey Knocks Up His X2014 Fantasy Supercar For Gran Turismo 6

This rolling rocket is the latest high-concept vehicle created by Adrian Newey, the man behind many championship-winning F1 cars and current technical head of Red Bull's domineering racing efforts. It's the X2014 and it's not real. But it is quite exciting. Read More >>

Red Bull's F1 Team Uses X-Rays and Ultrasound to Make Sure Cars Aren't Lightning-Fast Deathtraps

When hitting speeds of 200mph is as easy as breathing on the accelerator pedal, the last thing you want is your Formula One ride to freak out due to a mechanical error. You're talking millions upon millions of pounds worth of investment at stake were a crash to occur, not to mention the lives of some of the most talented drivers on the planet. Read More >>

This Is How You Don't Overtake

Here's a completely bizarre piece of action from a Formula Two race, which sees driver Ricardo Teixeira crash over the cars ahead of him and take a large whack into the walls of the track upon landing. Read More >>

Force India Captures F1 Crash in Glowy, Extra-Worrying Thermal Vision

F1 driver Paul di Resta made a bit of a mess of things over the weekend, forgetting to slow down and whacking the car in front of him. What made this mundane F1 incident more interesting than most bumps was the way it was captured in heat-detecting thermal vision. Read More >>

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Bad News: 2014's F1 Cars Are Going to Sound Rubbish

The FIA's decided to get with the program of fuel efficiency and is forcing every F1 team to swap their beastly and incredibly-high-revving 2.4L V8s for smaller 1.6L V6s with turbos. On the face of it, that's better for our normal-car tech development, but what it means is they're going to end up sounding a bit crap. Like vacuum-cleaner whiny. Rubbish. Read More >>

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Driving an F1 Car Is Way More Complicated Than I Ever Imagined

I know there are a load of buttons on an F1 steering wheel, but there's a heck of a lot more to adjust than I actually thought was possible mid-drive. This testing lap recorded from what looks like the lap of Nico Rosberg, with commentary from one of his engineers, shows these guys have to be absolute machines to cope with it all while blasting round the track at breakneck speeds. Read More >>

How Novice Runners Should Start Training for Maximum Results

Most running novices plot their early runs in terms of distance. "I used to be able to run X distance in school; I'm going to run that same distance today." Then they spend the next two weeks hobbling around like a broken grandpa. There's a better way. Read More >>

North Korea's First Video Game Pyongyang Racer a Smash With Western Gamers

Pyongyang Racer is a browser-based driving game developed in North Korea, giving us curious westerners a chance to drive around the odd landmarks of the secretive state's capital city. Read More >>

Got £90,000 to Burn? You Need This Truly Awesome F1 Simulator In Your Life

What you're looking at here is the ultimate F1 simulator money can buy, which is about as close as you'll probably ever get to driving the real thing. You sit in a full-sized F1 car, surrounded by three 23-inch screens and enough speakers to blow your ears off. It's so good, some 'clients' are even using it for race prep. Read More >>

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This is What It Looks Like When Drivers Race Each Other Right Off the Road In a 180MPH F1 Car

For anyone who didn't see the Italian grand prix this weekend, we saw some seriously insane skills from Fernando Alonso, handling a car hurtling along at 180mph, on the grass, mere centimetres from the side of Vettel's illegal manoeuvre. It was genuinely a heart-in-mouth moment, but it's not the first time. These two have history. Read More >>

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Meet the First 3D-Printed Racecar, Air Con Optional

We've seen 3D-printed furniture, 3D-printed jewellery, and even a 3D-print of your unborn child. Now meet the first ever, awesome, printed race car! Read More >>

This Robot Racing Car Is a Much Better Driver Than You (at 120MPH)

What you're looking at here is Standford's driverless Audi TTS, which can blast round a track much faster than you could ever dream of going, and it's entirely automated. Read More >>


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