A Pyramid in the Middle of Nowhere Built to Track the End of the World

A huge pyramid in the middle of nowhere tracking the end of the world on radar, just an abstract geometric shape beneath the sky without a human being in sight: it could be the opening scene of an apocalyptic science fiction film, but it's just the US military going about its business, building vast and other-worldly architectural structures that the civilian world only rarely sees. Read More >>

Laser and Radar Let Researchers Peer Deep Inside Ancient Roman Bridges

Ancient stone bridges dot the Spanish hills. Some are still in use, and all play a part in defining the region's landscape and heritage. Now, researchers at Spain's University of Vigo can examine the inner structures of these bridges without disturbing a single stone, thanks to some incredibly powerful imaging technology. Read More >>

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Fighter Pilots Couldn't Ask for a Better Wingman Than the Little Buddy

Evading RF (radar frequency) missiles is not unlike running from a bear. You don't have to outrun the threat itself but merely offer up a more tasty morsel instead—be that your podgy mate or, in the case of air combat, a juicy decoy with an enormous radar cross-section. Read More >>

Can Radar and RFID Stop Drivers From Killing Cyclists?

Last month, London reached a grim milestone: Six cyclists were killed within 14 days, sparking a massive "die-in" protest. London isn't alone; 176 cyclists or pedestrians were killed in NYC last year. The rapidly rising death toll is spurring a race to build a technology to warn drivers before they hit someone on foot or bike. Read More >>

Dolphins Inspire a New Kind of Radar That Detects Hidden Electronics

Not only are they out there keeping fish populations under control and occasionally leading lost boaters to land, dolphins' unique hunting techniques have also recently inspired a new kind of radar that's able to pinpoint hidden electronics like bomb triggers and surveillance devices. Move over dogs, man's officially found its new best friend. Read More >>

The Invisible Radar Force Field That Saved Great Britain

When you think about World War II tech, chances are your mind leaps right to the atomic bomb. But there was another less explosive tech that completely changed the defensive game: Radar. And this map outlines exactly how it saved Great Britain. Read More >>

New British Warship Radar Can Detect a Tennis Ball 15 Miles Away

And not just a tennis ball from 15 miles away, but a tennis ball 15 miles away and moving at three times the speed of sound. That's the sort of sensitivity the poor old radar operators on HMS Iron Duke will have to work with when it returns to service next year. Read More >>

You Can Be a Real Superhero With This Spider-Sense Robot Suit

Who doesn't want real-life superpowers? Unfortunately, getting yourself bitten by some kind of radioactive spider isn't really the best way to go about it. But thankfully, tech is here to resurrect your childhood hopes and dreams. University of Illinois' Victor Mateevitsi, for instance, has managed to bring "spider-sense" to the real world with a haptic bodysuit. Read More >>

Quantum Physics Can Make an Unjammable Radar

Radar has been the way to spot enemy aircraft zooming across the sky for decades, but (un)fortunately, it doesn't always work. If you've got the right tech, you can fool it. A new kind developed by researchers at the University of Rochester however, dips into quantum physics and is unjammable and infallible. Read More >>

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Apple Maps Accidentally Revealed a Top Secret Military Base

Uh oh. Apple Maps, for all of its blurry, melting world faults, was actually a little too clear in one area: it revealed a top-secret, £770 million ultra-high-frequency radar in Taiwan for everyone to see. Um, that's not good. Read More >>

Your Spidey Sense Ain't Got Nothin' on These Early Warning Systems

The days of putting your ear to the ground detect approaching cavalry are over. Now nations sport systems like the Iron Dome, THAAD radar, and these nine all-seeing early warning systems from our friends at Oobject. Really, there's no use hiding. Read More >>

Backpack Radar Kit Promises to Secure Your Campsite

The great outdoors can provide a relaxing reprieve from city life, but not if you spend all your time worrying about bears invading your camp. So even though it's designed for military use, this radar-in-a-backpack kit should provide ample peace of mind when roughing it. Read More >>

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The All-Weather Radar That Keeps Your Plane from Landing on Luggage Trolleys

The ASDE-3/AMASS radar system that spotted an errant Jeep on Philadelphia International's runways has one fatal flaw — it thinks raindrops are incoming jets and goes nuts during downpours. The ASDE Model X, however, monitors runways rain or shine. Read More >>

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Foursquare's New Radar Feature Is Better Than Find My Friends

Thanks to iOS 5, Foursquare has a new Radar feature in its iPhone app that's insanely cool. Radar will smartly let you know if you're near friends, around a place on your To-Do List or followed and will even notify you when the app is closed. It's like a super useful Find My Friends. Read More >>

Cheeky Phones4U Grabs HTC Titan and Radar Ahead of Launch

HTC's humungous 4.7-inch Titan Windows Phone and its smaller brother the Radar are available right now ahead of their official launch at Phones4U. If you're desperate for a bit of HTC Mango action, best head over there quick-smart. [Phones4U via The Inquirer via Engadget] Read More >>


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