The Woods Around Chernobyl are Not Decaying

Like a landscape of the undead, the woods outside Chernobyl are having trouble decomposing. The catastrophic meltdown and ensuing radiation blast of April 1986 has had long-term effects on the soil and ground cover of the forested region, essentially leaving the dead trees and leaf litter unable to decompose. The result is a forest full of "petrified-looking pine trees" that no longer seem capable of rotting. Read More >>

Poor Taste LG Promo Says Mobiles Cause Brain Tumours, Infertility and Cataracts

LG has blamed "cultural differences" for the lack of riotous laughter regarding its promotional stickers for the Knock Code system, claiming the light-hearted references to phone radiation causing brain tumours were just a... joke. Oh, we get it now! Ha ha! Cancer! Read More >>

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Sellafield Nuclear Power Staff Stay at Home Over Radiation Worries

Sellafield, the UK's historic seat of nuclear power, is currently operating at reduced staff levels, after safety systems spotted a rogue rise in external radiation readings. It probably won't explode and plunge the country into a nuclear crisis, but it might be wise to panic-buy a few extra loaves of bread today just in case. Read More >>

Brave People Are Building Futuristic Farms on Japan's Radioactive Soil

What does radioactive salad taste like? How about rice sprinkled with nuclear fallout? Well, if you're truly curious, consider taking your next vacation in Fukushima, where some intrepid farmers have begun the daunting task of farming the region's tainted soil. Read More >>

Radioactive Mystery Steam Over Fukushima Could Mean Another Meltdown

The newest update in the comedy of errors highly disconcerting series of devastating failures that is the Fukushima cleanup effort is troubling to say the least. Tepco has confirmed that "unexplained plumes of radioactive steam" have been rising from the mangled remains of Reactor Building 3. In other words, Fukushima could be in the middle of another meltdown. Read More >>

Fresh Fish! Sliced and Diced! Tested for Radioactivity

Hundreds of pounds of freshly caught fish are express-mailed to a building in the small town of Onjuku, Japan, everyday. There, a team quickly slices and dices the fish into fillets. But this is no kitchen, and the fresh fish are definitely not for consumption. Read More >>

Japan's £600m Plan to Store its Contaminated Fukushima Dirt

As the immediate aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster has passed, Japan is faced with another conundrum: Where to store thousands of tonnes of radioactive soil that have been harvested from around the region. This week, officials unveiled a £600 million plan to build a massive storage facility to house the stuff. Read More >>

Radiation-Proof Underwear Should Be On Every Survivalist's Christmas Wish-List

Radiation poisoning is serious, life-ending stuff, and it's a danger that looms ominously over the clean-up crews at the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster site. It can be pretty brutal. So, naturally, people are looking to protect their sensitive, private parts. Read More >>

Six Fukushima Workers Accidentally Doused Themselves in Toxic Water

In case you weren't already concerned enough about the wacky (re: highly dangerous) antics going over at the Fukushima power plant, maybe this will do the trick. Six workers attempting to clean up the increasingly unruly mess have accidentally doused themselves with highly radioactive water. Read More >>

Spacey Fukushima Worker Pushes Wrong Button, Almost Causes Meltdown

It's another week and another chance for TEPCO to embarrass itself at the beleaguered Fukushima power plant. Sometime on Monday morning, the cooling pump for the reactors shut down suddenly. It must've been some mechanical failure or some freak accident, right? Nah. Some worker just pushed the off button by mistake, according to the Nuclear Regulation Authority. Read More >>

The Feds Say That Two Guys Made an X-Ray Weapon to Sicken People

In an attempt to "secretly sicken opponents of Israel" and presumably star as the bad guys in a barely believable action movie, two guys from New York have been accused by the FBI of assembling a portable X-Ray weapon that would shoot lethal doses of radiation. Seriously. They were going to sell it to Israel or the KKK. Read More >>

Radiation Makes a Manned Trip to Mars Impossible with Current Tech

Though Curiosity the rover can explore and see Mars up close, curious men and women of Earth will have to wait a bit longer. NASA reports that a manned trip to Mars is likely impossible with current technology because of radiation. Read More >>

Invisible Lightning Strikes Could Be Bombarding Planes With Radiation

Lightning is a terrifying yet majestic force of nature, especially when you see it from an aeroplane. But scientists have recently discovered that lightning can sometimes be invisible—and it could be bombarding planes with radiation as they fly. Read More >>

Radiation Shielding, and Ten Other Uses for Poop

Poop has been around for as long as there have been animals to produce it. It's a constant, brown, smelly presence in all of our lives. But over the long stretch of history, humanity has come up with some brilliant and clever uses for it. Read More >>

Astronauts Traveling To Mars Could Be Protected By a Poop Shield

There are all kinds of dangers on a trip to Mars. Muscle atrophy, cramped quarters, social/isolation stress, being in space. Take your pick. One of the biggest though, is being exposed to all manner of radiation and cosmic rays without an o-zone layer to keep you safe. The solution? An O-zone layer of poop. Basically. Read More >>


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