Inside the DIY World of Mapping Caves With Radio

Underground, where this is no GPS and certainly no Wi-Fi, mapping caves requires a different kind of technical ingenuity. Thus, there is cave radio. To learn about the DIY world of cave radio and underground exploration, Gizmodo picked the brain of Stanley Sides, tinkerer and former president of the Cave Research Foundation. Read More >>

The Sony SRF-39FP: The Audio Player of Choice in Prison

It might not look much, but the Sony SRF-39FP pocket AM/FM radio is regarded as the audio player of choice in prisons across the United States. Read More >>

What is the Space Roar?

In 2006, NASA stumbled across a source of radio waves with six times the intensity of any other source ever measured. In fact, alone it produced a more intense radio signal than all the stars and galaxies in the entire universe put together. So what the hell was it? Read More >>

The NSA Uses Radio Waves to Monitor 100,000 Computers Without Internet

We already know that the NSA intercepts computer deliveries to introduce backdoors into hardware, but now a story in the New York Times suggests that the Agency uses radio technology to spy on 100,000 computers that aren't connected to the internet. Read More >>

Government Bigs-Up Digital Radio, But Still Won't Commit to Making a Switch

Culture and Communications Minister Ed Vaizey has reaffirmed the government's belief that DAB radio is the future, but with analogue sets still happily banging out the hits via the FM spectrum he's not ready to be so bold as to set a switchover schedule for shoving us onto digital. Read More >>

Rumour: Spotify is Planning to Introduce Free Mobile Music

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Spotify is planning to launch a free, ad-supported version of its streaming music service for mobile devices Read More >>

FM Radio Back in the Headlines With Radio Stalker; Digital Switchover Delay, and Space Junk Tracking

Good old radio is setting the news agenda today, led by the case of a trucker who tried to escape a restraining order by making bizarre song requests to Smooth FM DJs. Read More >>

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Why a Clock Radio Is the Best Way To Wake Up

I recently invested in an AM/FM clock radio, and I will never look back. Why? Because radio in the morning is the best way to wake up. Read More >>

Next-Gen iPlayer, BBC Playlister, BBC Store: Digital Future of the Beeb Revealed By Director-General Tony Hall

Giving only his second keynote speech after becoming the BBC's 16th Director-General back in November 2012, Tony Hall has today outlined his vision for the future of the Beeb. And it's all about personalisation. And, inevitably, it's all about the iPlayer. Read More >>

Radio 1 Busting Out its Video Clips into Standalone iPlayer Channel

The BBC is giving Radio 1 its own exclusive iPlayer channel, in the hope that seeing Fearne Cotton interviewing the main one out of Haim might be the sort of thing its listeners would like to watch. Read More >>

Radio 1 DJs let the Music do the Talking With 12 Hours of Non-Stop Tunes

If Partridge-style radio gaffes have made you turn to your iTunes and Spotify accounts for your daily dose of tuneage, today may be the one day to dust off the old wireless once more. From 7am until 7pm today, the BBC's Radio 1 station will be playing non-stop tunes, without any DJ "banter" in between. Read More >>

Do You Ever Listen to the Radio Anymore?

It wasn't that long ago that the radio was kind of a big deal. Even a young'un like me is old enough to remember inexpertly dodging commercials for local car dealerships while recording embarrassing mix-tapes. But the times have changed. A lot. Do you ever listen to the radio anymore? Is there any reason to, at all? Read More >>

This Crazy Radio Ad Got People All Worried About an Alien Invasion

It's easy to think back on that whole Orson Wells War of the Worlds thing and think to yourself: "That could never happen today, not in a world with internet, and where everybody knows about that one time it happened already." Well, you'd be wrong.
Last week, Star 94.9 in Alabama began running a series of radio spots intended to ready listeners for a format change. The pitch? Aliens. Naturally. Read More >>

Scientists Have Detected Massive, Unexplained Deep Space Explosions

Space is gigantic, so even though we have giant dishes trained to listen to it, we only hear a tiny slice. But scientists manning the Parkes radio telescope in New South Wales, Australia stumbled on a few blips worth hearing: four mammoth radio blasts that came from far outside the galaxy. Read More >>

Pure's New Radio Doubles as a Multi-Room Audio Speaker

Pure's expanding its Jongo connected-speaker line with a new DAB, Bluetooth and Internet radio. The Evoke F4 does full duty as a radio, but can also stream music from your phone via Bluetooth or Pure's Wi-Fi-based Connected system, linking up with the Jongo S3, Sensia 200D, or other connected radios you have dotted about your house. Read More >>

Pissed-Up BBC Radio DJ Gets Dragged Off Air

Leaving drinks are, of course, a tradition on your last day at work -- but it's advisable to start them after you're actually finished for the day. It's especially important to do so if you're the presenter of a local radio station. Read More >>


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