Fake "Spotify For Artists" Page Fools Anti-Spotify Radiohead Producer

Spotify -- great for music fans, not so great for penniless musicians. That's the see-sawing argument between the music streaming service and the likes of Radiohead producer/Atoms For Peace member Nigel Godrich, who was well and truly hoodwinked today by a phony Spotify page that seemed to suggest the company had drastically revised its artist payment model. Read More >>

On Spotify's Fifth Birthday, Radiohead's Thom Yorke Calls It a "Fart"

After five short years on this planet, Spotify's managed what was once thought impossible, legitimising the music streaming business model and turning a generation of dyed-in-the-wool pirates into legal, paid-for music fans. But there's no pleasing some people, as Radiohead's Thom Yorke has once again attacked the service, and on its fifth birthday to boot. Read More >>

Chipotle Bans Radiohead's Dulcet Tones From Their Restaurants

Chipotle, home of slightly pricy but mindblowingly good Mexican food, have banned Radiohead, home of angsty 'alternative rock' and bad hairstyles, from ever being played in their establishments. Apparently, the "high, tenuous yowl of Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke wreaks havoc with the steel and concrete of a Chipotle buildout." Read More >>

Did Radiohead's Pay-What-You Want Model Change the Music Industry, Then?

The NME is running a fine piece commemorating the fifth anniversary of Radiohead's release of In Rainbows, the album the band let users set their own price to buy. Did it work? Is everyone doing it now? (No). And did it actually damage the music industry in the process? [NME] Read More >>

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Here's Radiohead's OK Computer and Kid A in Full 8-Bit Glory

Let's jump back to the '80s for a second, where NES games were in full force and arcades were still populated with human beings. Hear that? Hear the sound of those bleeps and bloops? Glorious isn't it! Well, for a little bit of nostalgia mixed with some fantastic tunes, here's Radiohead's OK Computer and Kid A in 8-bit glory just like it's 1988. Read More >>

Radiohead: Sit Down, Stand Up

Have you had the pleasure of watching the wonderful BBC series, Life? You probably have. Beautiful HD nature docs provide the perfect visual background for any living room activity. And as many have discovered, they play even better when muted and paired with a soundtrack of your choosing. Read More >>

Fees. Scalpers. Scams. Why Buying Concert Tickets Sucks So Hard.

On September 26th at 10:00 AM, thousands upon thousands of fans—how many we'll never know—hit refresh on their browsers and converged upon Ticketmaster's servers like a denial-of-service attack. They were desperate for the chance to see Radiohead play one of a pair of shows at the Roseland Ballroom—a rare club show. And just like that, basically instantaneously, tickets were all gone. Read More >>


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