Look Inside the Control Room of an RAF Remote Drone Operation

The Royal Air Force (RAF) base at Waddington maintains two Ground Control Stations for managing unmanned aircraft systems flying halfway around the world in Afghanistan. Read More >>

RAF Tornado Jets are Flying With 3D Printed Spare Parts

RAF contractor BAE Systems has revealed that some Tornado jets have been flying with spare parts built using a 3D printer, with layered metallic replacement bits featuring in some test flights last month. Read More >>

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Yes, the RAF Can Be Top-Gun-Badass Too

There's no doubt the US Air Force knows what it's doing with its awesome imagery, spitting out jaw-dropping photo after jaw-dropping photo. But it's not just the Americans that can do Top Gun badassery, cue the Royal Air Force. I think I've just found my new desktop background. Read More >>

RAF Airbase Up For Sale On Ebay

Supervillains of the world, take note: there's a RAF airbase up for sale on eBay, and it's a steal at just £2.5 million. Oh, and it's even got a massive underground bunker. Chequebooks out and form an orderly queue, please. Read More >>

Never Before Seen World War II Fighter Plane Found in the Sahara Desert After 70 Years

In what historians are calling the aviation equivalent to finding King Tut's tomb, a World War II fighter plane has been found in the Sahara desert 70 years after it crashed. Even more impressive, the plane is perfectly preserved—it hasn't been touched and hasn't even been seen until now. Read More >>

Hijacking Panic Sends Terrifying Sonic Booms Over England

A series of unfortunate events: a confused helicopter pilot accidentally gives a signal that he's been hijacked. British RAF fighters are scrambled so quickly to shoot the thing down, they go supersonic. Brits down below fear explosions and earthquakes. Boom. Read More >>

RAF Typhoons to Aggressively Defend London During Olympics

Apparently we're not taking the defense of this year's Olympics lightly. The RAF is in full alert, ready to intercept anything that flies off their planned path or into prohibited air space. The Battle of Britain 2! Read More >>

G-Shock's £500 RAF Watch Lacks Shiny Hardware to Avoid Being Spotted by Enemies

After the Royal Air Force gave G-Shock the skinny on the various functions it needs from a watch, the "Gravity Defier" GW-A1000RAF-1AER was born. We sat down with Flight Lieutenant Nathan Jones to discuss his involvement on the project, and find out why he deemed compasses, torches and locator beacons surplus to an RAF pilot's requirements. Read More >>

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Awesome World War II Dogfighting Filmed On Zero Budget

One of the things I love computers for is how they have democratised the access to things that once were only attainable by a very few. This World War II short film called The German is a perfect example. Read More >>

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The Radar Plane that Powers the World's Most Advanced Long-Range Surveillance System

After seeing long-range surveillance's effectiveness during the first Gulf War, the UK acquired Airborne Stand-Off Radar (ASTOR) technology and integrated it into its all-seeing Sentinel surveillance system. Read More >>

Ventile, the Magical Waterproof Fabric That Time Forgot

If you were to poke your nose around the door of some fashionable London boutiques  -- Howies, Albam, Fred Perry - you might encounter a jacket made with a mysterious material called “Ventile”. First developed for the World War II, this stuff is waterproof, windproof and 100 per cent breathable, which makes it perfect for the unpredictable British weather. Read More >>


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