Network Rail Pumping £38bn into Normal-Speed Train Line Revamp

The existing regular-speed rail network is set for a large overhaul, thanks to Network Rail committing a huge £38bn on refreshing stations, track upgrades, more electrification and even the reopening of some stretches of line that were axed during the rail apocalypse of the 1960s. Read More >>

Good Rail News Shocker! Flood-Hit Dawlish Line to Re-Open Ahead of Schedule

It's been a rough start to the year if you live in the South West of England, with terrible weather and flooding offering little to smile about. Read More >>

Rail Regulator Says Train Companies are Hiding Refund Clauses -- and Keeping £100m Compo Kitty to Themselves

The Office of Rail Regulation is looking into forcing train companies to be more open about their refund policies for delays and cancellations, suggesting that current rail franchises try to hide refunds terms from travellers -- saving them from paying out up to £100m in compensation. Read More >>

monster machines
How the US Railway Wiped Out Passenger Pigeons (and Nearly Bison, Too)

The advent of widespread railway systems from the Industrial Revolution and beyond collapsed our notions of time and space, and it carved out entire industries —we of the 21st century have only the internet for comparison. It also swallowed entire species. Read More >>

Wrong Kind of Excrement on the Line is Sickening Rail Workers

Rail franchise Greater Anglia is endangering the health of track staff according to workers, with more than half of its trains still indulging in the rotten old practise of emptying human waste from the toilets straight out onto the train track. Read More >>

Sweaty Southern Rail Travellers Subsidise the Loss-Making Northern Franchises

Stats measuring the amount rail companies pay the government and receive in subsidy appear to show travellers in the South East are bailing out the rest of the network, with passengers into London paying around £1 each per 10 miles in higher ticket prices due to the government's subsidy system. Read More >>

We Might Get Fibre-Like Broadband Speeds on the Train From 2015

The sorry state of rail-based internet connections might be about to improve over the next year or six, with the Conservative transport secretary announcing plans to introduce broadband speeds of up to 50Mbps to the majority of rail lines, starting from 2015. Read More >>

Transport Bosses to Test Three or Four Day Season Tickets for Part-Time Workers

Some rare good news for aggressively-milked commuters has come out of the Liberal Democrat autumn party conference, with a Transport minister announcing plans to allow part-time workers to join in on the discounted rail season ticket fun. Read More >>

Virgin Trains Wins Two-Year West Coast Main Line Extension

The government's finally ready to start the UK's rail franchise system up again after making an almighty mess of the process last year, with the first decision being to grant Virgin Trains an extension on its West Coast main line route that'll see it continue to run the line until 2017. Read More >>

What the Hell is Wrong With British Trains?

I recently had the misfortune of spending a couple of days travelling up and down the spine of a very soggy Britain on trains. Now don't get me wrong -- I like trains. But the British rail system is seriously screwed up. Why, though? We invented the damn things! Read More >>

British Trains Resort to Twitter to Try and Calm Irate Commuters

Commuting into London by train is stressful enough when the trains are working, so it's not surprising commuters go mad when their trains are delayed. And the only thing more angry that a delayed commuter is a delayed commuter with zero information. Read More >>

Why Trying to Cross Train Tracks Is Sheer Suicide

Apparently around 50 people are squished on our railways every year while they try to cross or hang around on the metal roads. Network Rail's tried and failed in the past to educate people, but this time it's trying the shock and awe tactic, recruiting our 400m Olympic hurdler to do it too. Read More >>

The Free National Rail Enquiries App Might Just Help You Get Home a Tad Earlier

There’s nothing worse than finally stepping out of work, hurrying to the train station, only to find that your train route is totally screwed and you’re going to be stuck there for hours. How about a free app to give you the heads-up so you can (hopefully) avoid that crap and get home? Read More >>

Take a Train Ride Through the Swiss Alps Without Even Getting Off Your Arse

You’ve always fancied taking a trip to visit the Swiss Alps, but you just can’t afford to lever your fat arse out of your office chair and onto a plane, train or automobile. Don’t worry, Google’s got you covered with Street View’s first trip on a train, and you don’t have to go anywhere to witness the serene beauty for your virtual self. Read More >>

Train Spot Using "Open Data" With Open Train Times

Open Train Times is a newly launched rail timetable and monitoring site, which will soon allow users to search for and track individual trains in real-time. Read More >>

UK Joins the High-Speed Rail Club -- HS2 Approved for 2026 Departure

The mega-controversial HS2 high-speed rail network had been approved. Although "network" is perhaps going a little too far -- a new Y-shaped line between London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds will start construction in 2016. Read More >>


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