An Unscientific Defence of Swine Flu Drug Tamiflu, by Someone Who Took It

Back in the summer of 2009, when I was unemployed and able to afford the luxury of being properly ill, I was struck down with swine flu. It nearly killed me (pretty much), and, despite today's damning report, anti-flu drug Tamiflu may have saved my life. Read More >>

If Twitch Privileges Can be Pulled, What's the Limit of Microsoft's Xbox One Reputation System Punishments?

Xbox Live is one of the biggest draws to Microsoft's Xbox One console -- even with the advancements in Sony's PlayStation Network, Microsoft still retains the most loyal and competitive multiplayer community. The next step for the new console will be an updated reputation system, rolling out this month. And bad behaviour could be harshly penalised. Read More >>

Dear BBC, Please Don't Take My BBC4 Away From Me

Last night was one of the rare occasions when I got home from work at a reasonable time, didn't have any writing assignments to be getting on with and didn't have any beer to drink. Socially, of course. I got to watch some TV for the first time in weeks. The first channel I always look to? BBC4. Read More >>

The Internet Doesn't Mean You Don't Have to Write Thank You Notes

The internet has changed the rules for a lot of things: dating, buying groceries, ordering takeout, etc. to the power of 10. But it hasn't changed basic manners. Meaning, you still have to write thank you notes. Read More >>

Frank Gehry is Still the World's Worst Living Architect

While it's been widely known for at least a decade that Frank Gehry is the world's worst living architect, it's not entirely clear why some people—mostly very rich clients—haven't picked up on this yet. The utterly god awful and ridiculous Biomuseo in Panama, an eco-discovery centre that cost at least £35 million and took a decade to construct, is only the most recent case in point. Read More >>

Can Motorola Still be Awesome Without Google?

You can make all kinds of guesses about why Google sold Motorola. Did it only want the patents all along? Is it making nice with Samsung? But a more pressing question has been weighing on our minds: "So uh... what about the Moto X?" Read More >>

Dear HP: Running From the Future Doesn't Help Anyone

Shiny new computer, shiny new software. The two go hand in hand. Except when they don't. It's one thing to let tech-savvy consumers have the option for a software downgrade if they see fit, but HP's choice to push Windows 7 on consumers by default is another entirely: it's bad, for everyone involved. No one ever came out ahead by fighting against the future. Read More >>

Chin Up! Blue Monday is Actually a Load of Bollocks

Yes, it's cold out. Yes, it's dark out. Yes, it's the first day after the glorious respite from week-long drudgery that is the weekend. But to brand this particular January day as the so-called annual "Blue Monday"? Please don't buy into this -- it's lining pockets and profiting off your right to be moody on any day you damn well please. Read More >>

I Alphabetise My Spotify Playlists. Is Your Digital Life as "OCD" as Mine?

It's Sunday night, I haven't eaten yet, I've got to get up for work in a few hours time. Heck, I haven't even showered. Why? Because The Clash's “London Calling” playlist is currently sitting after My Bloody Valentine's “Loveless” in my Spotify collection, among other crimes to alphabetisation. And that just wont do. Read More >>

It's Tough Work Being a Social Media Monkey For a Corporate Twitter Account

Hello, my name's Brandmonkey. You've never met me, you've never seen me in the street and you've never chatted to me. But you probably hate me. Because I work on a corporate company's Twitter account. Read More >>

Please, Transport for London, Don't Ditch Cash

Transport for London, Lord of London's creaking public transport network, has launched a 'consultation' on completely ditching real-cash payments on buses. Well, here's some feedback: that's an utterly terrible idea. Read More >>

I've Had Enough Of How Much Kickstarter Sucks

It's time to get real about crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Instead of being an indie-business utopia, it's become the de-facto way to scam the masses into buying invisible products and getting free marketing for ideas with a short sell-by date -- and we've had enough. Read More >>

517 Movies I Could Have Watched Instead of Waiting on Hold With PayPal

During my lunch break yesterday, I decided to do a little multitasking and give the kind folks at PayPal a call regarding an ongoing issue I was having with my account. I figured, stupidly, that a company as big as PayPal would have more than three people working the whole of their customer service wing. As the call disconnected two hours and 15 minutes of hold time later—likely because even the automated system got bored talking to me—I realised how very wrong I was. Here's a quick recap. Read More >>

Microsoft, We Really Need a Proper HiDPI Mode For Windows

If you ever needed a reason to spit out a proper hidpi mode, Microsoft, now you have one. Your very own Microsoft Surface Pro's 10-inch 1080p screen makes UI elements too small to be truly useable, but now Samsung's spat a 13.3-inch laptop display with an insane 3200x1800 resolution. That's an Apple Retina Display-beating 276.05ppi. 50 more pixels per inch than the Surface Pro. Read More >>

Why Do Companies Keep Making Pointless Features Like This?

Jumping on the tail-end of the bandwagon, Panasonic's rolling out a new and improved Smart TV hub. The features list is certainly comprehensive, but a disturbing number of the things it's crowing about are totally and utterly pointless. Screw that, they're just plain stupid. Read More >>

Twitter Adds LOLCAT to Supported Language List Because They Are So Clever and Funny

Twitter has announced that they have added some new user interface languages that nobody gives a damn about. Their biggest achievement: including LOLCAT as an option. Yes, people, they have localised their entire user interface using the stupid wording from the lolcat memes. You are so clever, Twitter. Read More >>


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