Why the Hell Does Hulu Show Spoiler Commercials for the TV Show You're Watching?

Hulu, for all its good intentions and fairly solid stream quality, kind of sucks. It doesn't have enough TV shows, it doesn't have enough episodes, you still have to watch commercials even when you pay for Hulu Plus but worst of all, sometimes those commercials you're forced to sit through are about future episodes of the freaking TV show you're watching. Basically, if you watch Hulu, it's like being chained down to a chair for Spoiler Russian Roulette. Read More >>

TfL Proves the Congestion Charge Has Absolutely Nothing to Do With the Environment

Right now, hybrids like the Prius, as well as super-efficient diesels, are exempt from London's pricy Congestion Charge, but TfL's latest proposals to rake in another £2 million a year aim to change that. Got a tiny diesel or a hybrid? You'll have to pay a tenner a day just to drive in London, and that plain stinks of yet more government money grubbing. Read More >>

It's Time PayPal Was Sorted Out (Updated: PayPal Response)

PayPal's one of the truly ubiquitous names of the internet. It's been around since e-commerce first became a Thing, and it's even got its own Mafia. Like every Mafia, though, some of its practices are a bit shady, bordering on the downright nasty. It's time for that to change. Read More >>

Whyyyyy Are Headphone Jacks on the Wrong Side of Computers?

This is a problem. It's not the biggest problem in the world, but it's a just such a dumb, thoughtless, annoying design flaw that it bears mentioning. Apple's doing headphone jacks wrong. Actually, no, everyone's doing them wrong. Read More >>

No, Samsung, We Don't Need a Goddamn Fridge With a Screen, Baby Monitor and Evernote

Samsung has presented a new awesome fridge, with a Ultra HD 4K LCD screen, a built-in Evernote app, and a baby monitor. One of those things is not real, but all of them are stupid. Read More >>

Intervention: We Need to Talk About the Phablets

Look. We knew that at CES this year, we'd be inundated with a metric tonne of giant phone/tablet monstrosities. We were ready. We braced ourselves, stretched our hands out, and I even practiced my best smiling-through-gritted-teeth face. But I can't handle it any more. Manufacturers are out of control, and it's got to stop, before IT'S TOO LATE! Read More >>

If TFL's London Tube Fares Followed Inflation Rather Than Greed, This Is What We'd Be Paying...

It's January 2nd, and for lucky rail commuters across the country, that means our annual dose of fare hikes. Yippee! Take a close look at the numbers, though, and it's clear that we're getting totally, utterly, unashamedly ripped off. Read More >>

Reminder: Companies Aren't Your Friends

Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. All of them wonderful ways to bring together people you know, care about, or just want to stalk. But it's easy to confuse connecting friends with friendship. Don't. All social media companies want is to make money off of you. And they'll never stop trying to. Read More >>

High Street Phone Shops Are Utterly Useless

The mobile phone industry in the UK is massive -- a couple of percentage points of GDP last year. Most people's interaction with this massive sector is through a high-street phone shop. There's just one problem -- they totally, absolutely suck. Read More >>

Today's Awful Apple Rumour: Retina iPad Mini

There's something in the air this week. Maybe it's that the holidays are coming, or that it's getting colder, or that there's not much actual news to be had three weeks before the Consumer Electronics Show. But for some reason, the dumb Apple rumours are piling up like so many discarded MobileMe accounts. Read More >>

What the Hell is Wrong With British Trains?

I recently had the misfortune of spending a couple of days travelling up and down the spine of a very soggy Britain on trains. Now don't get me wrong -- I like trains. But the British rail system is seriously screwed up. Why, though? We invented the damn things! Read More >>

5-6 Weeks Shipping For a Nexus 4 -- What Are You Playing at Google?

So, Google finally got more Nexus 4 stock in yesterday, which was great, but the really bad news is there's now a five to six week wait for delivery. Yes, over a month. Christmas is a no-no, and it seems you'd be lucky to even get your mitts on one by early January. What the hell Google? Read More >>

Being Excited When Things Don't Suck Is Technological Stockholm Syndrome

Twitter is bragging because it didn't go down on Election Day. The info-bloat peaked at 327,452 tweets-per-minute last night, and not a single Fail Whale appeared! High fives all around! Way to... work like you're supposed to. Read More >>

Why I Never Want To Get a Text Message Ever Again

A few years ago texting was the bomb. It was quick, easy, way better than having to open yourself up to an actual back-and-forth conversation with someone, and perfect for surreptitious communication in class or meetings or whathaveyou. That said, I'd be glad to never get a text message ever again. Read More >>

The Apple vs Android Fanboy Wars In One GIF

Here's a brief note intended for the fanboys who ruin technology for everyone else: Look, your war doesn't make any sense, ok? This whole fanboys vs fandroids thing, the iPhone vs Galaxy, the iPad vs Kindle Fire... who the hell cares? They're just machines. Read More >>

The iPhone 5 May Be the Best Phone In the Universe, but Its Calendar Icon Still Sucks

Come on, Apple. I don't care about your iPhone 5 camera's purple flare problem. If Prince can live with it, so can I. And I don't give a damn about its paint chipping off either. Or your dreadful maps, for that matter. Getting lost is fun. I can live with all the crap you can throw at me except this. F*cking. Shit.* Read More >>


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