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Meet the F-22 That Thinks It's a Rocket

The F-22 has had more than its fair share of problems, but when it isn't crashing or suffocating its pilots it's a sight to behold. Here's some footage of one at today's Melborne Air Show going for a vertical climb that makes it look like it had wanted to be a rocket when it grew up. The guy inside that cockpit definitely has balls, and doubly so because he's in a Raptor. [reddit] Read More >>

These Badass Multifunction Scissors Could Save Your Life One Day

Instead of incorporating a useless pair of tiny scissors into a multi-tool, Leatherman has used a pair of industrial-looking snips as the base for its new Raptor tool. Read More >>

China Has a Transformers Jet Fighter Now?

Looking at this photo of the Chengdu J-20—China's fifth generation stealth fighter—it seems that the Chinese are not only copying the F-22 raptor, but Michael Bay too. There are no details about this photo, except that every surface seems to be moving in very strange ways. Read More >>


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