The Super-Cheap Raspberry Pi is Now On Sale

If you're in the market for a super-cheap computer to hack to your heart's content, but $35 was too much dough for you, then Christmas is here: the stripped-down Raspberry Pi Model A, with no ethernet, only 256MB of RAM, and 1/3rd the power consumption of the more powerful Model B, is here at last, for just $25. Scrooge modders, rejoice! Only don't open the champagne -- that'd be a bit pricey. [Raspberry Pi] Read More >>

Google's Giving the Gift of Pi to UK Schools

Due to Eric Schmidt's recent friendship with North Korea, his karmic balance is skewed way towards the bad. His solution? Give 15,000 cute little Raspberry Pis to the poor under-teched schoolchildren of Britain. Oh, and of course, have the obligatory semi-creepy photo of him posing with an ethnically representative sample of kiddies. That'll make it all better, Eric. Read More >>

No New Raspberry Pi Models in 2013, Just Optimisations for the Original

One of the key drivers behind the Raspberry Pi project has said there won't be any new spec Pi hardware this year, as he doesn't want to abandon current users and make them feel like they've already been gazumped by newer models. What an amazing rarity in the tech world. Read More >>

An Xbox Essentials Pack and a Bunch of Cheap Games Are Your Post-Christmas-Cheer-Up Deals of the Day

We've got an Xbox-flavoured round-up for you today, with a couple of offers that will elevate your gaming experience from humdrum to, erm, super-unhumdrum. Or something. Read More >>

A WD TV Live or a Raspberry Pi Is Your Cheapo-Media-Player-Project Deal of the Day

Now that Christmas is over, the retailers are keeping the bargains close to their chests, so the pickings today are fairly slim, but there's a couple of nice media-playing offers. Read More >>

Yep, the Raspberry Pi Will Play Minecraft

Is there anything the remarkable Rasperry Pi can't do? After blazing through Quake 3 without issue, the Pi's got a brand new trick up its sleeve: Mincrafting. Read More >>

Now You Can Turn Your Raspberry Pi Into the Awesome ZX Spectrum

Are you jonesing for some 80's inspired computer fun on the cheap? Look no further than Paul Dunn's ingenious SpecBAS project, which just rolled out full support for the Raspberry Pi -- your pocket mini-marvel just became a ZX Spectrum, well, minus the tapes, of course. Read More >>

The Complete Rocky and Sylvester Stallone Collections on Blu-Ray Are Your Action-Man-Master-Class Deals of the Day

Sylvester Stallone. Just seeing the name written down makes us tingle slightly. If a greater man has ever lived then we don't want to know about him lest our minds become permanently blown. Read More >>

Raspberry Pi Gets a RAM Boost For Free

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has boosted the RAM on all shipping model "B" Pi boards to 512MB, doubling the memory for the exact same price. Those with currently backlogged orders will get the new board instead, which should make playing a quick spot of Quake 3 even better, coupled with that handy Turbo mode. [Raspberry Pi] Read More >>

Kick Your Raspberry Pi Into Turbo Mode to Make It 50 Per Cent Faster

Got a Raspberry Pi, but wish it was, well, a little bit faster? Your wish is the Pi Foundation's command. Meet "turbo mode" which dynamically overclocks your Pi giving you a 50 per cent boost when you need it, without voiding your warranty. A quick game of Quake 3 anyone? Read More >>

Hack Your Kindle to Use It as a Raspberry Pi Screen

Here's something ultra-nerdy but incredibly fun: you can hack your Kindle to work as a display for a tiny portable computer like the Raspberry Pi. Read More >>

Welsh Assembly Boost as Raspberry Pi is now "Made in Britain" Thanks to Sony

The British maker of the staggeringly popular Raspberry Pi mini-computer has finally found a way to get the hardware assembled in the UK, with future batches of the machine being built in Wales rather than outsourced to China. Read More >>

The New Raspberry Pi 2.0 Is Now Here

As the Pi Foundation builds on the fantastic start by the first "B" board, the second iteration of the beloved Raspberry Pi is hitting the shops right now. If you haven't got yourself a Raspberry Pi yet, this is the one you should try and get your mitts on. Read More >>

You Can Now Buy the Raspberry Pi on the UK High Street too

If this doesn't scream mainstream adoption, I don't know what does. You can now buy a Raspberry Pi starter kit from Maplin, which will set you back a pricey £70 -- you did want a keyboard, mouse, and a Wi-Fi dongle with that, right? Read More >>

Piana The Pi Powered Synth Will Rock You

The Raspberry Pi just keeps getting better doesn't it? First a Pi powered tank; a bolt on to add Wi-Fi to your DSLR and even a Pi powered universal translator. But now we have the budget synth to make all kinds of music on, thanks to the power of Pi. Read More >>

Add Some Resolution to Your Raspberry Pi With a Bolt-On DSLR

Raspberry Pi innovation has been coming hard and fast and it doesn't look as if it's going stop at any point in the foreseeable future. We've had Pi-powered glasses with a universal translator, and even a Pi-powered tank, but now there's even an upgrade for a DSLR all thanks to the mighty power of the humble Pi. Read More >>


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