BBFC Will Let Kids See Sweary Films After Relaxing Ratings Rules

The next time you go along to the cinema to see a 15 or 12A-rated film with your children, expect there to be good chance it'll have significantly more effing-and-blinding in it than was once thought acceptable, with the British Board of Film Classification relaxing rules on what profanities can make the cut into each age band. Read More >>

You'll Be Able to Smoke Pot in GTA V, Apparently

Fancy taking a quick toke while you're blazing around the streets of Los Santos? Chill out before your next big mission, or after squishing one too many pedestrians? You're in luck, because according to the European games rating board, players within GTA V will be free to light up and blow their troubles away. Read More >>

Microsoft is Apparently now "Cooler" With the Kids

If you are lucky enough to be, or happen to hang around with people under the age of 29, they may well have a new favourite fashionable tech company -- Mircrosoft. Yes, the same one. The Windows one. The old Bill Gates one. It's apparently quite cool now. Read More >>

Sexy Pulsating Eggs Earned Alien its 18 Certificate

When Alien was released here in 1979 it was given an "X" rating under the old cinema classification system, but not because of its chest-bursting horror. It was due to censors thinking the alien eggs would be a bit too weird and sexy for the innocent kids of the day. Read More >>

Microsoft Refusing to Sell 18-Rated Games on Windows 8 Marketplace

Microsoft has got itself into a bit of a pickle regarding the direct selling of digital games through its Windows 8 Marketplace, with the result being that no 18-rated titles will be available to buy through its PC store in the UK. Read More >>

More People Pirate Game of Thrones Than Watch Game of Thrones on HBO

According to TorrentFreak, Game of Thrones averages around 3.9 million pirated downloads per episode. According to the great Internet resource known as Wikipedia, only 3.8 million people watch Game of Thrones on HBO in the US. That means more people pirate the show than actually watch the show on American TV. Read More >>

Google Launches "Video Discovery Experiment" YouTube Slam

There's a new Google/YouTube thing out there to help make these dark days of nothingness pass a little quicker, in the form of YouTube Slam. It's a sort of 'Hot or Not?' for potential viral video clips. Read More >>


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