Razer's Righteous New Blade Might be the Best Windows Laptop Yet

The 2013 Razer Blade was fantastic. A great execution on a concept that's been appealing as hell from the very start, a Windows gaming laptop with the premium feel of a MacBook. Now it's back again, and yes, it is even better. Read More >>

Razer's Modular Desktop Makes Building a PC Like Playing With Lego

Building your own computer is generally reserved for the hardcore, the devoted, the geeky. But with Razer's Project Christine, it's as easy as playing with Lego. Really big, actively mineral cooled Legos. Also it looks like a badass rack of rockets or something, which is cool as shit. Read More >>

Razer's Got a Hot New...Fitness Band?

You know Razer for its crazy gaming tablets, and awesome gaming laptops. But now its branching out some. Get ready to know Razer for its smartwatch/fitness band thingies? Yeah, it's a little weird. Read More >>

Razer Blade 2013: Now This Is How You Make a Damn Windows Laptop

Everyone’s first impression of the 14-inch Razer Blade, even more than its 17-inch older brother, is: "Ha, they made a MacBook." But then, "Oh—wait. They made a MacBook.And actually, it's even better than that. Read More >>

Razer's Surround Software Could Turn Regular Headphones Into 7.1 Cans

We'd all love to be able to blast sound to the high heavens, but sadly, most of us lack the space and/or patient neighbors willing to put up with it. Well today, gaming gear giant Razer is announcing new software that it claims will be able to turn your ordinary headphones into a professional-grade set that emulates 7.1 channel sound. And from now until the end of the year, the software is free, so why not give it a shot? Read More >>

Hell Yes, Razer Made the World's Most Powerful Small Windows Laptop

Yep, this might be incredible. The new Razer blade is a 14-inch monster... ultrabook. With a discrete Nvidia GTX graphics card. Basically, this is the smallest, most badass gaming laptop-cum-ultrabook we've seen. Read More >>

Razer's Honouring Unauthorised 90 Per Cent Off Coupon Purchases at a Huge Loss

This is only a Dealzmodo in the past tense, but Razer just said it's going to honour purchases made with a third party coupon that went viral this week, which gave users 90 per cent off on the Razer UK store. That's kind of astounding. Read More >>

Razer Edge Review: So Heavy, So Expensive, So Awesome

A gaming laptop in a tablet. It's a thought experiment that raises a whole host of questions: Is that even possible? Can it possibly be good? Would anyone even want it if it were? And finally: How much does it cost? The Razer Edge's answers translate roughly to "Yes!", "Sort of.", "Maybe?", and "Erm, you better sit down." Read More >>

Razer Edge Tablet Hands On: This Gaming Rig Might Actually Be the Best Windows 8 Tablet

The Razer Edge is a gaming tablet. That much you know. But here's the thing: It's so well made — and has such a complete notion of what it is and what it wants to do — that it might not just be "the gaming tablet," but the single best Windows 8 convertible we've seen. Read More >>

Razer Edge Tablet: An Entire Gaming PC in a Tablet

When we saw it last year, then named Project Fiona, Razer's gaming tablet already felt refined and finished in a way that other tablets have taken another year to catch up to. Now though? It's something totally new. The Razer Edge is a total desktop/gaming computer, shoved into a 10-inch tablet. Read More >>

Razer's New Gaming Mouse Has the World's Most Precise Optical Sensor

When you're on the hunt in a first-person shooter, the very tiniest fraction of a movement can mean the difference between nailing a shazam headshot and dying. That's why the new 2013 version of the Razer DeathAdder gaming mouse has a 6400 dpi optical sensor, compared to the 3500 dpi infrared sensor on its predecessor. That's, like, almost two-times better, right? Read More >>

A Mouse Shouldn't Need an Internet Connection to Work Properly

A mouse is a fundamental part of every desktop computer. It should just work, at all times. Odd, then, that Razer's high-end Naga gaming mouse does exactly the opposite, requiring an internet connection if you're going to stand any chance of using it. Read More >>

Razer's Project Fiona Gaming Tablet Greenlit For Production by Bizarre Facebook Poll

Razer's beautiful Fiona PC gaming tablet thing might end up as an actual product for you to ponder buying, with the hardware maker currently gauging interest in the device outside of the obviously-up-for-it tech nerd demographic. Read More >>

Here's Denon's Razer-Inspired Urban Raver Headphones, Complete With LED Urban Styling

Looks like Denon has taken a just a little bit of inspiration from Razer with their brand new duo of headphones, that look like, well, a Razer gaming mouse got lucky with a pair of Denon headphones around nine months ago. And well, out popped non-identical twins with LEDs and Urban Raver branding too. Read More >>

Razer Blade Review: Sharp, But...

There's something fundamentally broken in the world of PC laptops: Machines designed nearly four years ago still provide the basic model for how to build one correctly today. The Razer Blade is, in some ways, one of the best Windows laptops I've used in a long time. But I can't decide if it's merely ironic or outright depressing that a PC designed to reinvigorate PCs is ultimately most interesting because it steals something from Apple that most PC makers only wish they could grasp: How to steal like Apple. Read More >>

I Just Held the Future of PC Gaming in My Hands and It's Called Project Fiona

Just stop me when this sounds ridiculous: A tablet. Built for gaming. Like, really built for gaming. With twin analogue joysticks. That are permanently built into it. That's Razer's Project Fiona. And it's more amazing than you think. Read More >>


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