Rumour: Facebook Could Launch a Flipboard-Like Reader This Month

Rumours have swirled for some time about the fact that Facebook might be developing a Flipboard-style news reader. Now, a report from re/code suggests that the social network might launch such a service, called Paper, this month. Read More >>

Digg's Google Reader Replacement Will Be Live on June 26th

Are you dreading the demise of Google Reader as much as I am? Well, here's a spot of good news. Digg's promised Google Reader replacement will launch for everyone plus dog on June 26th, which is lucky, given Reader will be terminated on July 1st. Just make sure you save all your feeds using Google Takeout, and you might want to check out Feedly too while you're at it. [Digg] Read More >>

Google Shut Down Reader Because It Was Scared of More Screw-Ups

According to a report from AllThingsD, lack of customers wasn't the only reason Google Reader will meet its untimely end on July 1st. It was also, for Google, a potential source of bungling that it wasn't worth shoring up. Read More >>

Adobe Finally Launches Official Reader App for iOS

Adobe has launched an official version of its Reader PDF app on iTunes, bringing full support for document reading, searching and printing to most iOS devices. This must mean Adobe and Apple are friends again. [iTunes via Adobe] Read More >>


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