Sweden's Homeless Now Accepting Mobile Payments for Local Big Issue Sales

Some homeless folk in Stockholm selling the city's equivalent of the Big Issue are now wired up to accept mobile payments, thanks to a deal to provide them with smartphones and card reader dongles to take money from cashless modern commuters. Read More >>

Giz UK's July Specs-Sheet: This Is You

July might've closed shop two days ago, but already the few days of summer sun seem but a distant memory. We also saw the crowning (literally) of a new prince; another Twitter shitstorm, and Danny Dyer impress the pants (not literally, mind) off Susie Dent in Countdown's Dictionary Corner. But what happened on Giz? Is that one lone Amazon Silk-using reader still hanging around from June? Read More >>

Giz UK's June Specs-Sheet: This Is You

June saw Kanye West assault the world with his latest interpretation of "music"; as a result of his influence we ate a tonne of croissants, and then we either decried those watching Mumford & Sons at Glasto, or simply read about pensions while watching them. Oh, and we obsessed about cronuts; the start of Wimbledon, and -- as per usual -- the lack of sun here in Blighty. But what about here on Giz? Read below for what floated your boat last month. Read More >>

What's Your Pick for a Google Reader Replacement?

The day we RSS fans have been dreading for months is almost here. On Monday, Google Reader dies. Forever. There's no going back. Everybody's been hawking their replacements, and we've brought you a little sampling, but now it's decision time. Who you goin' with? Read More >>

Is the Home Office's Android NFC Passport Reader App an ID Thief's Wet Dream?

First of all, did you know there's an NFC chip in passports these days? Wow. That's clever. I should get out more and to the types of places you can't get to by waving a library card at security staff. Secondly, the Home Office has released an Android app you can use to read the data stored within your passport's NFC chip, but there's one peculiar catch... Read More >>

Giz UK's May Specs-Sheet: This Is You

The days started growing longer; friends started banging on about the Glasto line-up, and lunchbreaks were taken with approximately three minutes of sun before the skies opened up on us...that was May, in a nutshell. But wait! What were you lot reading on this here site, and which technology were you using? In the warbled words of Shania Twain, come on over... Read More >>

Giz UK's March Specs-Sheet: This Is You

Number-crunchers, clamp your eyes around our figures for March, right here and right now. Compared to February, we saw some interesting changes -- hello, Rockmelt users! Check out last month's stats below. Read More >>

Giz UK's February Specs-Sheet: This Is You

Digging into the data this site accumulates makes for fascinating reading; so much so, that we thought we'd start sharing some of these details with you in a monthly specs-sheet. Did you know, for example, that 49 per cent of our mobile users view Giz UK through iPhones? Or that Chrome is by far and away the most popular browser, with 48 per cent? Read More >>

giz explains
How QR Codes Work and Why They Suck So Hard

QR codes are a technology that desperately wants our attention. They appear everywhere from supermarket shelves and magazines to hiking trails and tombstones. Never heard of a QR code? You're looking at one right now. Scan the image at the top of this article, and it'll open a link to the mobile version...of this article. Very meta. Read More >>

Waterstones Kindle Paperwhite Comes With Permanent Ads... For Waterstones

Buyers of the Kindle Paperwhite who purchased their readers through Waterstones aren't very happy, thanks to the book chain adding its own adverts to the device's lock screen -- even though it costs the same amount as the ad-free model sold through Amazon. Read More >>

iZettle Launches £20 Mobile Credit Card Reader in the UK

If you run a little business and would like to start taking payments by card, iZettle is by far the cheapest, easiest and newest way to do so. For £20 you get a card reader that attaches to an iPhone, iPad or Android mobile, then away you go. It'll be just like working in Tesco. Read More >>

The Craziest Home Desktop Computer Rigs on the Planet

Desktop computing may be dying, besieged by ultrabooks and tablets, but that doesn't mean people aren't still loving their crazy desktop setups. Here are the very best ones—located in the homes of artists, musicians, engineers, mad gamers and people who just love computers—compiled from readers' submissions and hours of searching. Read More >>

Do You Use Your eReader for Anything Besides Reading Books?

E-Ink readers are great for reading books, or anything really, but mainly books. But many of them offering 3G, and apparently non-book-reading-and-buying activity is high enough that Amazon had to limit browser usage to 50MB per month. Read More >>

Sony's New eReader Is Light, Pleasant, and Massively Late to the Game

Sony's got a new ereader. It's actually quite nice. It's just not as nice as all the other ereaders that are either out or about to be out. And sadly, it's more expensive than its direct competitors, too. Poor Sony. Read More >>


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