I Wish I Could Read Wikipedia Like This

I love Wikipedia, but too often the articles are just not that easy to read. It's not that my English isn't good enough. My English good. There is Simple English Wikipedia, but it doesn't cover as many topics and it's not as thorough. Read More >>

Crossrail Route Will Now Extend to Reading

It's today been confirmed that the long-awaited Crossrail train route will be extended to cater for commuters in Reading. Read More >>

This Ring Scans Text and Reads it Aloud for Visually Impaired People

No braille? No problem! This FingerReader by the Fluid Interfaces Group at the MIT Media Lab is a high-tech way to help visually impaired people read; it actually scans printed text and narrates it aloud. Read More >>

Take This Simple Test to Figure Out How Quickly You Read

Growing up reading Harry Potter, I was always amazed that when a new installment was released, news always broke that someone out there had completed the book in a few hours. Are you a speedy reader? Find out with this interactive test. Read More >>

Rumour: Microsoft is Building an Xbox Reader App

Clearly, the future is (possibly) all about reading. A new Microsoft job listing suggests that the company is looking to build "a groundbreaking interactive reading app on Windows, which incorporates books, magazines, and comics." Read More >>

When Did There Become Too Many Books to Read in One Lifetime?

We've all done it: stood in a library, looking around, we've been confronted by the fact that there are way, way too many books in existence for us to ever read. But when in history did that happen? Read More >>

How Braille Was Invented

Braille was invented by a nineteenth century man named Louis Braille, who was completely blind. Braille's story starts when he was three years old, and playing in his father's shop in Coupvray, France, where he somehow managed to injure his eye. Read More >>

This Book Shows You What It's Like to Have Dyslexia

For people with dyslexia, relating their struggle with reading to the general population can be a seemingly impossible and frustrating task. Graphic designer (and dyslexic) Sam Barclay, though, hopes to finally bridge the gap between those with reading difficulties and those without using his new book—a visual experience of what dyslexia actually entails. Read More >>

A Clip-On Motion Sensor That Lets You Read While Running

It's basically the exact same idea as the Purdue system, but it appears to be a lot more refined. The compact sensor tracks the up and down movements of a runner, and transmits them via Bluetooth to an Android or iOS reading app which subtly moves the text they're reading in sync with their motions. Read More >>

Sparkup Reads Bedtime Stories to Your Kids When You're Away

If work has you always traveling, or you're just tired of reading Hamster Huey and the Gooey Kablooie to your kids every single night, the Sparkup will take over your bedtime story reading duties if you're not available, just don't want to do it. Read More >>

The Day I Forgot How to Use a Book

I was shocked at what I had just done, so I laughed out loud. I was there, in a house in the Swiss mountains, lying comfortably on a sofa. I was reading Canetti's Crowds and Power, a solid 400-page book. And then, as my eyes were approaching the end of yet another page, I swiped upwards. Read More >>

Meet the World's Oldest Kindle: A Ferris Wheel for Books

It might be hard to imagine, but there was once a time where thousands upon thousands of books and arguably the sum totally of human knowledge was not readily available at your fingertips. And while it's no Kindle, Agostino Ramelli's 16th century bookwheel was a valiant attempt to make that happen. Read More >>

Well, That's Insulting: This Technology Wants You to Read Less

Time was "tl;dr" was the battle cry of lazy internet jackasses, people with no attention span who nevertheless found the energy and wherewithal to complain about the length of any digital piece of writing that dared to be longer than a few sentences. This week, at CES, tl;dr is an irritating new "innovation." Read More >>

How to Read a Book Every Single Day of the Year

Of all the terrible New Year resolutions that will have been made this week, reading more is one that sounds easy but is incredibly tough. But with a slew of reading tech available, perhaps now is the best time ever to churn through the pages like never before. Read More >>

This Ereader Will Cost Less Than £10

This is the Txtr Beagle. It's a new low-end ereader, that does away with fancy technological trappings: you'll find no touchscreen, backlight, 3G or even Wi-Fi here. As a result, it's set to cost less than £10—but will it be any good? Read More >>

Will You Read Julian Assange's New Book?

Julian Assange has penned a new book about his worries over government control of the Internet and surveillance. Written along with Jacob Appelbaum, Jérémie Zimmermann and Andy Müller-Maguhn, it will be published in November. Assange explains: Read More >>


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