Chinese Leaders Cut Steel Industry to Curb Pollution

For nearly a decade, China's burgeoning steel industry has spit out more than ten times the steel of Japan, the world's second largest producer. But that's quickly changing: as demand slows and China attempts to help the environment, a massive recession is hitting its steel country. Read More >>

Fewer High Street Shops Closed in 2013, But What's the Scene Like In Your Local Area?

Retail stats suggest the rate at which shops are deserting the UK high street has slowed, as the new wave of charity shops, coffee chains and pawnbrokers open up to replace the holes where Woolworths and the rest once stood. But do you ever walk down your local high street any more? Read More >>

Modern Monopoly Highlights the Shame of Today's UK High Street

A Tesco. Another Tesco. A boarded up something, and another Tesco. That's what you can expect to see in this ultra-modern version of Monopoly, which takes inspiration from the depressing lows of today's miserable, recession-hit society. Read More >>

Dixons Online Is Dead

Dixons, the once famous high street electronics retailer that was swallowed up into Currys and PCWorld in DSGi's efforts to save costs, still clung on in there as an online brand for a while. Now even its online presence ceases to be, leaving the Dixons high street name gathering dust just like Woolworths and Radio Rentals before it. Read More >>

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Newtown? Ghost Town More Like

This sad video pretty much sums up what’s happening to our high streets here in Britain. You can see it all around us, but this match-up of opposing photos shows just how bad it’s really getting. Read More >>

4,500 Jobs Lost at Philips, After Profit Collapse

Things are looking bleak for Philips, which is, or perhaps was, Europe's largest consumer electronics maker. Citing rising costs, internal restructuring pain and an 85 per cent profit collapse in Q3, it's just announced plans to cut 4,500 staff. [Guardian] Read More >>


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